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  1. Electrical
    To trust ebay headlights or to not. That is the question..:coffee: possible issues with fitment or things not lining up?
  2. General Talk
  3. General Talk
    How are the EBAY fog light kits for 01 Civic coupe, any good? Do the harnesses and switches work and fit and everything? I heard some are mostly made for 01-03 style is that true? Let me hear from you gys who own them, i'm, not looking to buy something that doesn't work...
  4. Electrical
    i was looking at the HID kits on ebay and was wondering if anyone has gottent them and how they are? lemme know
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    So i need a new phone since my blackberry died...i was looking at the samsung eternity but it was out of my range for the moment so i needed something cheap, reliable and up to date ( im currently using a samsung f250 :tdn: ) so i saw the lg vu and i was like....why not? so i was looking around...
  6. Electrical
    My fogs aren't working and I am guessing it's because of the bulbs. What kind of bulbs will I need, I think I read something about H11. And what color would be best since I already have the ebay yellow lenses.
  7. General Talk
    alright, so i've got the grill installed. now its time to add the civic emblem/sign to it. I am having trouble gluing the civic emblem right on the grill, as there is not too much contact space on the grill itself. i certain do not want to tie wrap it, it'd snap and look disgusting. I know...
  8. General Talk
    ok guys. i'm dropping my grille and lip off at the painters and i have a few questions. 1. Is the circled area at the top on your grille painted? 2. The little circles at the bottom, i don't see how it would be easy to get paint between the lower rim and the cross hatching. Does the paint on...
  9. Basic Performance
    are they any good?? does any one have experiences with them? i have a ugly tip on my car now and i want one with a burnt tip on it thanks
  10. Basic Performance
    bought an ebay CAI with an intention of adding an AEM/K&N Filter to it... BUT I'm having issues with installation. (did search the forum before posting) a) The damn second pipe isn't fitting in. b) There is no rubber grommet for the heat sensor on the intake pipe. how are you guys making this...
  11. Electrical
    This was the burning smell I have been getting for the past few weeks. Suprisingly my fog lights were working fine throughout, until a few days ago. I had to replace the harness. btw, what amp size fuse should I get?
  12. General Talk
    i just got some fog lights in the mail today. does anyone have a DIY on how to install them. i dont care about the wiring. just the fogs. (ive tried searching)
  13. Off Topic Lounge :tup:
  14. General Talk
    Hey peeps, check it out. Someone is selling an EX head with a Stage 2 Crower turbo cam and Crower valve springs and retainers for $600 shipped. That's a pretty good deal as the cam and valve train are more than that new. Ebay Crower stuffed head
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    On December 16th, I listed an extra Wii Fit for sale as a one day listing. December 17th, the item was bidded up to approximately $120 with shipping. By the time you take out seller fees/shipping, I lost money. But that is not the point. December 18th, buyer sent me an eCheck for the payment...
  16. General Talk
    has anyone put an hid kit in eBay projectors? If so, how does it look and is the lighting good?
  17. General Talk
    wooo So heres my question, I'm assuming i have to cut part of that black insert in the bumper, is it just the part circled in red here? if not what is it?
  18. Members Rides
    allright so thinking of getting an ebay mesh grill. im planing on getting one of the 30 dollar ebayers...
  19. Electrical
    has any1 had any problem with ebay fogs opposed to oem fogs says these on ebay and they look like a good deal, but i hear you get what u pay for on ebay lol. OPINIONS NEEDED:domo...
  20. Electrical
    Im looking through ebay and iv found different types of front fog lights, are the saloon spots the same as the coupe? im looking for the closest to OEM that i can get to fit the bumper nicely and id like a OEM style switch too.. iv got an em2 coupe.. thanks
1-20 of 50 Results