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  1. Videos & Other Media 7thgen Reppin around 50 seconds in.
  2. Events
    MAY 30th (Saturday) 11AM G-Force Karts (Richmond, VA) Big East Coast meet in Richmond, VA to have a good time and to meet new people. Day will start out at G-Force Karts (11AM) to ride the 270cc karts, eat some food, chill, Laser Tag, possible dyno, raffle, etc. Time: 11AM G-Force Karts 4245...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hey, my name is Matt. I reside in Lenoir City, TN. I have an '04 Civic LX that needs some serious work. I have rims and that's about it. I'm looking to do ALOT to it by the national meet. I'll upload a few pics in an hour or two.
  4. Events
    October 11-12. 10th Annual Sport Compact FallNationals @ Raceway park. WHo is going? I should have my car, so ill be going to this, with or without it.
  5. Events
    Looking for anyone interested that is on the East Coast in having a meet. We would have to decide on a location that is far to the majority. Please let me know if you are interested and ideas on location....Ballin!!! Btw I would be coming from Southern WV.
  6. Canada
    what up guys? whos around? we should ahve a huge meet this summer!
1-7 of 7 Results