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  1. Videos & Other Media 7thgen Reppin around 50 seconds in.
  2. Events
    MAY 30th (Saturday) 11AM G-Force Karts (Richmond, VA) Big East Coast meet in Richmond, VA to have a good time and to meet new people. Day will start out at G-Force Karts (11AM) to ride the 270cc karts, eat some food, chill, Laser Tag, possible dyno, raffle, etc. Time: 11AM G-Force Karts 4245...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    Hey, my name is Matt. I reside in Lenoir City, TN. I have an '04 Civic LX that needs some serious work. I have rims and that's about it. I'm looking to do ALOT to it by the national meet. I'll upload a few pics in an hour or two.
  4. Events
    October 11-12. 10th Annual Sport Compact FallNationals @ Raceway park. WHo is going? I should have my car, so ill be going to this, with or without it.
  5. North East
  6. Events
    Looking for anyone interested that is on the East Coast in having a meet. We would have to decide on a location that is far to the majority. Please let me know if you are interested and ideas on location....Ballin!!! Btw I would be coming from Southern WV.
  7. Canada
    what up guys? whos around? we should ahve a huge meet this summer!