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  1. Members Rides
    Alright. I'm going in for a dyno in about or week or so, and I figured it would be fun to make a thread like Steven made awhile ago. Alright, these are my specs. 2001 Civic LX Manual Transmission AEM V2 Intake Megan 4-1 Header Random Tech High-flow cat Apexi WS2 2.25" Exhaust Zex Wet Kit /w 75...
  2. Basic Performance
    Did I a little dyno to have a starting point. Here's some vids. Hit 91.4whp and 91.8 lbtrq. Also pics of T1's drag car and an NSX they are building.
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    So I dynoed again today. Take a look at it on the Oklahoma thread page 67. Also, can anyone tell me why I got that much gain on a 35 shot?
  4. Member Builds
    Table of contents and some background info: more pics page 5: Paul and Clint's Windshield Replacement Service trip to foos land page 9: Spring Break RHD mock up...
  5. Swap and Forced Induction
    So this is the start of my build/dyno/write up thread. I plan to combine all my stuff about my y8 manifold, EMS, and other related build material in here. Today was the second round of tuning and first day on the dyno. It just got to the point of running and not dying last tune session, and...
  6. Member Builds
    Well, I figured everyone else had a thread but me. So I felt entitled to make one. I havn't really posted my Civic up much, so I figured I would, and list some of mods to come for 2009. With being in college and all, money is tight, so it's slow but surely. Here's my 2001 Civic LX, as is...
  7. West
    Hey Everyone, Skunk2 is going to be hosting our first ever Open House/Garage Sale with Dyno Day on Saturday November 22nd. Try to come out and bring some friends to make this turn into an annual event ;) -Food & Drinks (TBD) and Music will be provided throughout the day -Dyno Runs will be...
  8. Videos & Other Media
  9. Videos & Other Media
  10. Members Rides
    First of all here are my dyno numbers....vids n pics will be up later of it.This was all done on a conservative tune and on 91 PUMP GAS!!!!!!!!22 LBS of boost!!! Here is a Uncorrected sheet - and for all you colorado/utah or whateevr boys here is a SAE even tho i dont need it cuz im from...
  11. Videos & Other Media
    this is funny as shit haha
  12. Members Rides
    Not a bad day today. The engine performed beautifully. No failures of any kind. When I got there, I put in the 1,000cc injectors while Jeff soldered the resistor box in. We started tuning with pump gas and we couldn't figure out why the solenoid didn't want to hold boost, turns out, where...
  13. General Talk
    Someone post it on the other forum with -Ingen CAI -Viberent headers 4-2-1 with HFC -EVO2 Catback Dyno 201whp.....I wish the D17 responds to bolt on like the Ks
  14. Members Rides
    Check it, just from today. This is about 19 psi max. Turbo civic 3d/4th gear
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    WOOHOO!!!! Best run of 261.8whp(@6493 RPMS) / 219.92tq (@5478 RPMs) Damn. That's all I have to say. Not bad for 8.5 pounds of boost. He ran it four times, the 261.8 run was the first and the 3rd and 4th (4th isn't on the printout) were both at 258whp. The torque is in N-m, so I ran it...
  16. Members Rides
    I told a few of you I hit 80whp, lol I was wrong. Uncorrected SAE Corrected More tq than hp....hmmm...Im going to extend the larger exhaust pipe to the cat (up by the header on my car)
  17. Mid West
    If you have been to a Speedquest Dyno Days, you know they are BIG. As many of you might know, in the early part of 2007 Speedquest Performance in Waukegan IL. took new ownership and the New Speedquest Inc. was re-opened. As a Grand re-opening we will continue to have our famous Dyno Days, only...
  18. General Talk
    I just got a 05 civic LX 5speed and I was wondering if anyone had ever dynoed a stock one before. Obviously it's not a speed demon or anything, I'd just be curious to see how many of those 115 horses actually get to the wheels and I thought this might be a good place to ask.
  19. Swap and Forced Induction
    Baseline: 164whp & 142wtq on 5 PSI with an automatic transmission. W/ PnP Head: 208whp & 211wtq on 5 PSI with an automatic transmission. Net gain: 44whp & 69wtq at the same boost!
  20. South
    We were planning on organizing another meet, but things didn't work out as planned. With Jeremy's new job and me dealing with school and having a lot of dental work done, it hasn't really been a good time to organize meets. So someone did it for us We ran into a guy in an exige yesterday...
1-20 of 24 Results