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  1. Dont know where to post?
    So, I'm pretty new to this whole 7th Gen car scene, i got my car last summer but have just decided to start fixing it up. However, i do have a problem..i don't know where to start. I have an 04 Ex es2. I haven't really gone over what type of drop i want so if anyone has any suggestions that...
  2. Suspension
    Alright, So heres what i have planned, i am going to get a 1.9" drop with some springs that i've purchased, however before i throw them in, I'd like to know whether or not I'll need camber correction with this drop? I know on my old car when i did a 60/40 Cupkit, i ate tires for breakfast...
  3. General Talk
    i've had my car since jan. 2005 and i've been wanting to drop my car for the longest. but never really got to it till now. but i dont wanna slam that bitch. i still want somewhat of a smooth ride cuz its my daily driver. i have two sets of wheels, 195/60/15 and 215/45/17. hmm...suggestions? and...
  4. Suspension
    OKAY, i know ive posted about this many a time but ive found a company who stock suspension for the em2 in the uk within a reasonable price range....... im looking at getting the bilistein rear shocks for the civic as my oems have gone, with what sort of drop am i going to get i got 45mm drop...
  5. Suspension
    i have s-techs right now and they are not low enought for me i have heard that progress makes the lowest ones. can i run the oem struts with them or get blues/ yellows?
  6. Members Rides
    It's simple, really. All of the above things come into play at once, and pictures are pretty much mandatory. I installed some used Eibach Prokit springs last night, and got a new camera about a week ago. I'm still learning how to use it, so if you're going to tell me the pictures suck, please...
  7. General Talk
    wsup guys. im in desperate need of a drop. my wheel size is 225/45/R17. i want a smooth ride cuz its also a commuter car. how much should i drop it and what kind of springs. also on a budget like everybody else and they mama. thanks!
  8. Members Rides
    hey,hey,hey!!!! here's an update on what i did with my car so far. just got it dropped a few days ago:domo: Also, i want to thank you for those of you that voted in regards to my spoiler:tup:
  9. Suspension
    oooo k i really need an answer on this, i want to lower my car butttt, i have 17's on there with 215 45's now im looking for springs when settled 1.5, 1.75 will these work? and not car is 2003 lx coupe
  10. Suspension
    I'm a huge noob at modding fyi. So I thought that you just dropped your car and then went on with life. Can anyone explain about how low you go until you get a camber kit? What is a camber kit? And is it bad to drop your car w/o buying shocks/struts? :confused: I'm thinking about getting a drop...
  11. General Talk
    rag top em2 800 installed drop top miata loaded then save for hard top sell the civic + 4-5k
  12. Suspension
    tryin to decide on something if i get megan.goldlines,neuspeed,or ksport spring will the blues hold up i see alot of people have a simular setup just want to no and which spring r good or better dont want my sh... to sagg in the back.o yea yea progress to
  13. Mechanical Problems
    Well last night after my motorcycle class I was driving home and I kept hearing noises coming from engine/underneath the car and you can tell it was either the tranny or the clutch. So I get home past 6 and everywhere is closed for the night so I cannot get it inspected or ask a shop what it...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Holla at me if you agree with me... 1. I HOPE Patriots will lose today and Chargers beat them... i don't care if it's 1 point or whatnot.. just please, beat the fukking Pats (they suck). 2. toss up between Giants/Packers.. i kinda want the packers to win so Favre would have a chance of...
  15. Suspension
    Yo! I'm REALLY feeling for a drop (ugly gaps). But I wanna keep my budget as low as possible (I'm a broke college dude), yet have a good reliable suspension setup. Also, I don't want too much of a drop (The roads here in Irvine have a lot of dips and steep speed bumps, ugh). I'm thinking of...
  16. Suspension
    I keep hearing that it's retarded to use drop springs on stock struts/shocks, why is this? Does that setup really blow out the shocks/struts that quickly?
  17. Introduce Yourself
    Thats after i got my wingswest wing and altezza grill. Suspension is next. Im getting skunk2 full threaded coilovers for an ep3. They're a great deal and they fit our car. The only problem is that the rear springs are a bit stiff but my car is loaded a lot and ive easily got 60lbs of car...
  18. Suspension
    Rules: 1. Post Pictures of your car 2. Mention what your Suspension Set up is 3. Mention your Tire Size 4. No more then 3 Pictures * And another thing... This thread is for reference, so if your going to HOST a pic please keep the picture "Hosted" or whatever you want to call it, there's...
1-18 of 21 Results