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  1. Other Cars
    Picked this up the other day. I was getting tired of not being able to drive since the civic build is taking a bit longer than planned. 1989 Mustang LX Stock 302 under the hood. Just has some shorty headers and some generic exhaust. Its lowered on eibach springs, front camber plates, and some...
  2. Videos & Other Media
  3. Other Cars
    Here is my new daily driver i just picked up. 1984 Mazda RX-7. It's the first gen FB model. It has the 12A rotary. Sidedraft carburator, aftermarket intake manifold, aftermarket header. Its a bit rough but the body is in good shape and it runs like a top. As of right now this is strictly a...
  4. Off Topic Lounge i gots 43%
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    yeah... :tup::eek3:
  6. Site News & Feedback
    Can't edit my driver profile. They're all locked and it won't let me unlock...
  7. Mechanical Problems
    I'm driving a 05 Civic EX Coupe SE w/AUTO, got it in May as a certified vehicle. I'm not sure if its covered in the warranty, I'll check with a local dealer but figured I'll ask anyways. Description of problem: -Can lock from outside of car when off with key or keyless entry. -Cannot lock it...
  8. General Talk
  9. General Talk
    is there any plugs that i can remove so i can feed wires thru the drivers side firewall? i tried looking but i cant find any. i only found plugs on the passenger side firewall.
  10. Members Rides
    Below are pics of the car as she sits now... Still planned are lips front and rear and some mild side skirts and window tint...a wing is a possiblity but nothing definate now except the design...and that would finish the exterior. All the remaining budget will be in the right place...motor!
  11. General Talk
    Could anybody hook me up with the part number for the drivers side front fender well. I was washing my car last night and realized it was gone, dunno how, but just gone and I gotta go pick it up tomarrow.
  12. Videos & Other Media click supra on left side then click film and there are the teasers, watch them both
1-12 of 12 Results