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  1. Basic Performance
    Ok, so I am going to get a megan racing test pipe for my EX civic, meaning the converter will be non-existant. To keep fuel consumption the same and prevent the car from throwing a trouble code, I've got to do something about that second O2 sensor. If anyone has any experience with defoulers...
  2. General Talk
    Whats the difference on the end of it?? Does it make it silence or louder?
  3. Basic Performance
    hey guys, i wanted to get a downpipe since i have lx....i know megan makes em but i cant find a site...if u guys know much appreicated
  4. Videos & Other Media"></param><param
  5. Basic Performance
    Ok ive done alot of research trying to find a nice downpipe for good price no cheapies though, yet i live in canada and all exhaust checks every 12 months they look for cat its the law stupid fucking law. None the less i only found one downpipe that has cat with it random technology cheapest i...
  6. Basic Performance
    I need some help with cheap place for aftermarket downpipe. i got some headers 4-1 and i dont want to put on without new downpipe catback can wait but i think wiser to do header downpipe together then later do catback. So i need some place were i could find cheap downpipe with cat(so its legal)...
  7. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I asked around other forums but people don't seem to be quite helpful. So my issue is basically self explanatory : I have an 02 em2 LX, and I swapped my exhaust for an Ex one from the headers to the muffler. Edge Racing Headers, Megan Racing dp, and Greddy Ti-C exhaust. Sooooo now that...
1-7 of 7 Results