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  1. South
    Im wanting to try and start a meet for all the dfw people. Ive been wanting to see some other em's that r from the area and didnt know if anybody else would be inerested in doing this.
  2. South
    June 28th or 29th dont know if it has been decided OK guys here is a list of the people that each said they were gonna go THE_DON silv3rciv NineteenEM2 MidnightCivic BenCronin04 khoakers TX_EMII AequitasVeritas Each one of you will recieve a PM to see if you are still going. If not i will...
  3. South
    What: West side meet up for anyone who wants to show up. A nice alternative to driving out to Dallas every weekend. Also, to step away from the Beach Street douchebagary while still having a decent sized meet up. Who: Anyone and everyone is invited Where: I20 and Bryant Irvin Road, in the...
  4. South
    need a 7thgen to donate a few weekends to produce a fiberglass fitted enclosure to replicate many time for 7thgenhonda members to purchase :)
  5. South
    was just wondering if there were any local meets in the dfw metroplex. if so let me know, i would like to attend. plus im always down for a lil shoot so let me know. thx -mitchell-
  6. General Talk
    Hey let me know who lives in the dfw area, cuz im about to move over there next month, and i wanna cruise with some fellow EM2s:werd:
  7. South
    We were planning on organizing another meet, but things didn't work out as planned. With Jeremy's new job and me dealing with school and having a lot of dental work done, it hasn't really been a good time to organize meets. So someone did it for us We ran into a guy in an exige yesterday...
  8. South
    Here are a bunch of pics from the meet today. A big thanks to everyone that came out, hopefully as we keep having these things more people will catch wind of it and come out. We're going to try and see if we can set this up to be a monthly meet. Aaanyways, on to the pics: and there I...
  9. South
    I bent one of my rims. Need this asap! I don't want to put on my work wheels cause I've got some gay ******* watching my car every night trying to jack me.
  10. South
    Want to buy: honda hubs or rims -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to buy some 02 ex hubs and steelies or any other combo of steelies with hubs..... or I WOULD LOVE the si rims or newer ex rims willing to pay good depending on the shape...
  11. South
    who is all here from the DFW area?