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  1. South
    Its Flag Day so come out and celebrate by autocrossing. This one will be held at Texas Motor Speedway. Its in the "bus lot" which I beleive is the infleid of the track but not sure. Should be a great day and its a huge event for the DFW area. Need to be there early as usually for tech and...
  2. South
    Thanks to Spartan for whipping this up for us. Would you guys like this to be our DFW group sticker?
  3. South
    I deleted the 7thgendfw thread because it was started for a meet. Thought I'd put up a new one to just talk about whatever. We can discuss meets, things that happened, spotting other memebers so on and so forth. BTW got 1st again this weekend at autocross in my class. WOOT!!! . My first 1st...
  4. South
    I was talking to some guy on ClubRSX about buying his RSX seats. Thing is i didn't know they were beige. The guy only wants 175 for them for fronts which i think is a steal. They come with Side airbags also Here are some pics...
  5. South
    I've been looking around for decals reppin DFW but I couldnt find any that were appealing. I saw majority of 8th gen decals reppin their place and I was wondering if theres any decals like this for us Or do I have to get it custom made ><
  6. South
    Hey guys, on the 25th (day of the DFW meet) it will be Ben and Amanda's one year anniversary so I am going to make a banner that says "Happy One Year Ben & Amanda, from 7th Gen Honda" that will be at the hotel when they get there that night, and I would like to have everyone that's attending...
  7. South
    Everyone has been asking about another get together and it seems like the DFW area is the next choice. It will be on April 25th in Dallas, and April 26th in Bedford. First Day Date: Saturday April 25th, 2009. 2:00PM Place: BenCronin's House 2616 Hudson Crossing, McKinney TX We will be meeting...
  8. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Im David and this is my 3rd car forum I've joined. and Its my first time owning a civic so lets see how this goes. Just picked up this car on Feb. 25th @ 84k miles and I love it so far. Sitting on LX Hubbies >< CB7 Accord lip [for now] CD5 Side Skirts...
  9. South
    Hey guys, I was talking to somebody on here about installing rear speakers for me but I lost all PM's and was wondering if that person would post up. But if you aren't him and you also install speakers let me know what deal you can hook me up with. I just need a pair of rear 6x9's installed, I...
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hi people, I've been slacking on getting into the forum stuff. Bro has been on this for long time "texascivic2k1" Just put some older pics in my profile but new ones to come very soon. Car has changed and gone through upgrades. Lemme know your thoughts.
  11. Members Rides
    The Cast: AzunEX (Adrian) Unevolved (Jake) longbed (Nick) BenCronin04 (???) Fabe (Creepy Old Guy) Location: Buffalo Wild Wings in Plano for sustenance, then American Airlines Center Garage in downtown Dallas for pictures. Here are some building shots I liked...
  12. Members Rides
    Not The Best Quality But Enjoy!
  13. South
    I had an idea for a meet that I've been cooking up with my Celica buddies, and it involves something I thought you guys might like. I was wanting to setup a meet in March sometime (probably during Spring Break) back when I had the Celica, and I figured we could combine meets. I was thinking we...
  14. Introduce Yourself
    Hey there guys! My name is Matt and I'm 19 years old, currently living in the DFW, TX area. I do not have a Civic yet, but I will hopefully have one by the end of this weekend. I'll keep you guys updated. I currently drive a Celica, which will be traded for the Civic: Yep, those are...
  15. South
    I am wanting to trade my 17" Motegi FF7's for a 16" Honda wheel (preferably Si's) plus cash or a Rota wheel (preferably Slipstreams or Attacks) and plus cash depending on which one and condition. The wheels are in great shape and I painted them bronze myself awhile back and they look flawless...
  16. South
    as the title reads, im hoping someone wants to sell a front lip around the dfw area, preferably a mugen or rs lip but of course i'll consider anything. 01-03 em2. lemme know.
  17. South
    Its not really important but it got you in here if you are reading this. Me and a couple of my friends are going out to kennedale tomorrow so if any of wanna come and run or just chill and talk cars come on out
  18. South
    Thought I'd start a thread about legitamate and shitty shops seeing as I could find one. List your experinces, good or bad, a long with prices locations and names of anyone that either helped or hindered in the process. I'll be the first. About 3 years ago I used Jo-Tech for some minor work and...
1-19 of 33 Results