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  1. General Talk
    Looking for some nice shots of both 01-03 and 04-05 civics to use for a new shirt design. Please post any clear pics you would like to see on a shirt. Pending vendor rights these may be for sale soon after. :tup: The pictures will be edited by myself and i was thinking of possibly holding a pole...
  2. General Talk
    saw this on the lexus forums and thought it would look good on any car if done right.
  3. Stonecutters
    What color should we get them printed in? If enough people want seconds we could eventually get prints of other colors as well... NOTE: The designs here look choppy because the resolution was changed from 300dpi to fit to screen and screen shotted just so I could post them here...they will not...
  4. Stonecutters
    new one on 2nd page
  5. Stonecutters
    What does everyone think about this before I release it and show the rest of the site?
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    If you know the boots thens design your own: Other products:
  7. Photography and Photoshop start photoshopping and enter your logo!!!! :grin:
  8. News and Announcements
  9. Photography and Photoshop
    come on guys lets get some ideas for a shirt, this is all the different style shirts you can get for guys girls and even dogs lol if you make anything for a specific shirt post up whats it for.
  10. Electrical
    This place does a good job of outlining various parts used and how they all fit together step by step. i believe they re making led circuits for mini scale locomotives.
1-10 of 10 Results