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  1. South
    Close thread!! thank you!
  2. General Talk
    I know its been asked alot for a red "H" decal for a steering wheel. But im asking if there is maybe a blue "H" decal for the steering wheel and if so, where can i get one?!
  3. General Talk
    i seen it on the front bumper of a integra it said "Car Will Scrape" does anyone know where to find one??
  4. General Talk
    who has one with pictures I ordered one and Im just curious to see another car with it? ill be reppin the site, and i want to see who else reps it
  5. West
    ill start this off since were starting to grow.. Im thinking about having the new decals with numbers so if you guys are in. POST UP! (post " # - SN - name") #1 - JT*ES1 - RJ #2 - sk8relmnts - Jonathan #3 - PandaEM2 - Kim #4 - Limestand - Ejay #5 - locoej - EJ #6 - WickedBautista - Flavio #7...
  6. News and Announcements
    Lets get some Ideas flowing for new decals! Just plain text? Some sort of design? Post up some ideas (text or image) & discuss
  7. Members Rides
    im looking for a decal to replace the "H" on the steering wheel i looked everywhere on eBay and i googled it. does anyone know were i can find one?
  8. Members Rides
    after looking online forever trying to find out where to get the red H decals that go on the steering wheel, i finally found the guy selling them. heres the link. 8)
1-8 of 10 Results