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  1. General Talk
    this guy wants to trade my stock hood for his cf hood, its in good condition except it has 2 holes where hood pins hole with black plugs in it my hood has a big round grease like mark on hood so it looks like crap and his hood has no windsheild washer things but whole cares lol btw, is the...
  2. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ive found a: K20a2 Longblock for $2000 unknown mileage with new exedy clutch K20a2 Complete Swap for $3000 with 67k miles K20a3 Longblock for $350 with 45k miles K24a8 Longblock for $800 with 63k miles Which is the best deal in terms of cost/potential? What have you all paid?
  3. General Talk
    these on a 01 SSM Em2
  4. General Talk
    Hey peeps, check it out. Someone is selling an EX head with a Stage 2 Crower turbo cam and Crower valve springs and retainers for $600 shipped. That's a pretty good deal as the cam and valve train are more than that new. Ebay Crower stuffed head
  5. Off-Topic
  6. Off-Topic
    Just curious about some of the great deals ya'll have got. I know everyone has at least one part on their car that was a total steal, so why not have a thread devoted to all of our great deals? Add pictures too if ya want. Ill start... My 16in GT3s (mint condition) cost: a broke laptop, an...
  7. General Talk EP3 seats, let me know if this is a good deal
  8. General Talk
    Have you all heard about the new Pulstar Pule Plugs. They work as spark plugas, but offer better ignition and more power. Many reviews such as the one from MotorTrend, show how they increase power, torque and fuel economy. I thought it was a hoax, but many people have tested them out and seen...
  9. General Talk
    hey guys i found a few cheap early 90's cars that im thinking about buying one to play with and i was wondering what you guys thought. first is a 1990 Civic Si Hatch w/ fully built D16a6 and a 14b mitsu turbo on it. the car has no interior and has a loud exhuast side exit exhaust. no ps or ac...
  10. General Talk
    my friend is giving me his used T25 turbo off his eclipse. so all together he's giving me -T25 turbo (used) -Greddy turbo timer -dump pipe -side mount intercooler -Greddy BOV all for 250 dollars. so all i need left is the piping, engine management, manifold, and the oil line right ?
  11. General Talk
    Rsx rear black leather seats for $125 i know there would be some modding involved but it hell it would get me a bit closer to my full black on black mode. I know the front seats go for around 300-500 depeniding on the condition. Just need some inut on this.
  12. Electrical
    Well, im just browsing for some 04-05 tails for my 03 ex. Good deal or not? thanks
  13. Members Rides
    I was just curious what you all think is a reasonable price or good deal from an online dealer. I found the regular ABS plastic Type R front lip for the 03 ex for 90$ and then it was about 130$ with shipping. Just wondering because that seems cheap. I have never looked into purchasing any lips...
  14. Members Rides
    some say its rice, but i think it added some hp.
  15. Electrical
    My JVC unit that I've had for God knows how long (its been through 2 vehicles with me, and someone else before that), started going out on me. While I was at a local car show last weekend an audio shop had a booth set up there. I inquired about a unit I had been looking at before, except it...
  16. Electrical
    what does everyone think of this deal?? $319 for blacked out headlights with an 8000K HID system. Before everyone says just do it myself I...
  17. Basic Performance
    I've been thinking about getting a jet chip or the V-force module. But I need pro's and cons. And please don't just say yes or no, give me some good solid reasoning. Thanks, Doug
1-17 of 18 Results