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  1. Members Rides
    But i do have a DC5!!!!! WOOT!!!!! They gave me $8000 for my car and got theirs for 15k and put 3k down. I love this freakin car. Seats are bomb. I only have two pics right now cuz its raining outside. ill post more later Intake/ race header/ and exhaust are already purchased. And it...
  2. Suspension
    do these suspension kits fit the 02 em2?????? if so is it a direct fit or is adjustment needed
  3. General Talk
    Hey, wuts up family, I found a black dash out of an 04 rsx type s and I was wondering if it would fit in the em2.:dunno: The guy is asking $50 and that is an offer that I just can't pass up. the dash includes all the AC vents, glove box, the panel for the sunroof, side mirror adjuster, and he...
  4. General Talk
    hey, ive done a lot of lurking and notice lots of ep3 and rsx parts fit and even the 99-00 lip on 04-05. but ive never seen a thread that was pretty legit and covered lots of parts so here ya go. so i want to start a list of what parts from other cars work with ours. please be specific on year...
  5. Electrical & Lighting
    Items Needed: -DC5 Cluster w/ Pigtails 1. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery 2. Remove the cluster bezel 3. Remove the cluster 4. Cut off the 2 plugs that goes to the cluster 5. Strip the wires where you just cut off the plugs and on the DC5 cluster pigtails. 6. Solder each...
  6. Members Rides
    yah i know about the stains on the plastic face. i told the seller about it and he's sending me another cluster. he also said i can keep the old one :) anyways, wiring isn't even hard. i looked at the civic and rsx pinouts (thanks gearbox/steve) and all i had to do was match the wire colors. as...
  7. Members Rides
    So today was a sunny day and Azunex and I started our morning in search of the notorious "metal nibler" after hrs of drving to various hardware and radio shack stores we got one for $3.20, it was the last one left and apparently it has been discountinued... So we went back to my place and...
  8. Members Rides
    Nothing special, just bored and chillin. Enjoy:
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    I know the EP3 Rad is recommended I know that the DC5 needs to be modified to fit I need a Rad for my swap and can get a brand new DC5 for much cheaper than EP3 Rad so...what do you need to modify to make the DC5 fit in EM2 Kswap? Also, is it hard? Anyone have pictures...? BTW, I currently...
  10. Members Rides
    sorry about the crapy pics they were taken on a video camera comments welcome
1-10 of 10 Results