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  1. Electrical
    Hello all, This is my first post. I installed a new Pioneer deck in my 04 Civic EX over the weekend. The aftermarket harness I used had two plugs (the harness was adaptable to more than one car). I carelessly ended up shorting the circuit that controls the dimmer, instrument and dash lights...
  2. General Talk
    anyone know where i can buy the peice that goes above the cup older where the cig lighter plug is, i messed mine up, any help???
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    I was curious is the dash harness on the LX the same as the EX? Thanks
  4. Mechanical Problems
    This light on my dash has started blinking every time I turn the car on. It says maint. req. My car has almost 92k on it...what does it mean? :shrug:
  5. General Talk
    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone has changed out their back dash, the plastic panel over the rear speakers. My car takes alot of sun and started to do some kind of crackle and flake thing. I was wondering if there's an alternative to that back panel as i would like to get rid of it, perhaps a...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    can anyone please tell me what srs is its on i have a 2002 honda civic ex thanks htown boss
  7. General Talk
    Hey, wuts up family, I found a black dash out of an 04 rsx type s and I was wondering if it would fit in the em2.:dunno: The guy is asking $50 and that is an offer that I just can't pass up. the dash includes all the AC vents, glove box, the panel for the sunroof, side mirror adjuster, and he...
  8. Electrical
    today i put in a new radio and left the car sittin all day got in tonight and it took it a few turns for it to satrt then smoke came froom up under my dash now my gauhes lights are out whats going on???????????
  9. Electrical
    Hi everyone, I would like to know what all should light on the cluster of switches that has the cruise, sunroof and mirror switch. Right now the word "mirror" lights, but not L or R, not the word "cruise" and nothing on the sunroof switch. I had the switches out and it looks like you could...
  10. General Talk
    well I was thinking about and rsx dash and honda05 said someone beat me 2 it. I am sure yall will be tempted...looks awesome
  11. General Talk
    is there a site where i can find the harness so i can put in a in dash screen?
  12. General Talk
    Hey guys, I wondering if anyone has ever bought one of those dash trim kits on ebay, if anyone has, do u like it, who did u buy it from, and do u have pics. thanks:werd:
  13. General Talk
    wanted to know if anyone has ever tackeled this project. i just didnt know if there is anything i needed to know about the airbag, cluster, etc....... i am going to be doing this soon and just want to know what all is involved in taking it completely out of the car. thanks
  14. General Talk
    i just got my led dash lights for my 03 lx....i got the led climate and indicator lights..there not soldered so how hard is this job ? to solder them and to install them
  15. Electrical
    i got in my car yesterday and when i turned it on i noticed all three of my lights were out... Ac light deforst light and the botton with the car on it ha.....anyways when i replace them i would like to replace them with different colour, i also want to change the other lights since ill be in...
  16. Swap and Forced Induction
    Which number(s) would i need to purchase for the COMPETE underdash harness? I need it to finish the wiring portion of my 5spd swap...
  17. Electrical
    Well after 4 years I feel like my interior lights are fading to a dull orange. Anyone know if I bought a few red LED's and put them in there it would look brighter/more contrast? The only ones I think could use this are the air condition controls, I think my cluster looks fine
  18. Electrical
    ok im about to get one but i need to know which one will fit and how hard they are to install anyone have any comments?
  19. Electrical
    I want my CD player down there, so my screen can go up top, anybody know how he did it????
1-19 of 19 Results