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  1. General Talk
    My DX has 89k miles on it, i hate driving MT without a tach, i know you can switch the cluster to a EX or LX but i cant find one. Any help or suggestions? oh and i dont really want the seperate tach but i know that is an option thankss
  2. Members Rides
    I know I don't get on here much anymore, but that's because every time I do, I get pissed because every else's cars are so damn nice and I always have stupid shit happen to mine. That's one reason I hardly ever drive the thing anymore. This happened last summer at an automatic car wash near my...
  3. Suspension
    Well i tried to put on my ground controls today but i failed.I Started to do the rear and as i got to doing the 17mm bolts that are connected to the control arm i just couldnt do them. not only was it a pain that when loseing the bolt the suspension goes up at the same time, i also craked my...
  4. General Talk
    ok ive searched for 2 hours here and honda tech and i cant find shiiiiiiiit i have an 02 civic, dimensions for my trunk emblem are 2.5x3in, grill is 3.5x3in give or take a few cm. what emblems fit on the trunk and grill? what modifications are needed to install on trunk and grill? where...
  5. General Talk
    ok, yesturday while i was driving on brookhurst st. passing mile square park around 4:50pm, this young asian guy(around 17-25) in a stock black 2000-2005 celica gt comes right up beside me and starts reving at me. im like wutever ricer. all of a sudden, he steps on his gas and speeds off. im...
  6. Members Rides
    bastard, getting his dream car at 22yrs old. argh......haha here's one pic until i actually take a shoot of it, i think this was on his way back from picking it up in OH. non-turbo auto, but still....enjoy, o and i also hate him for this cause he got it for 12,500....a steal IMO
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    why is post pics that make you say, 'damn son, that ish ain't right' !!VERY NWS & GOR closed this is an epic thread re open!!!y was it closed
  8. Members Rides
    i have the aero kit sides, i bought them used so they didnt come will all the brackets and stuff so i have been using 3m molding tape but it only holds them up for like 3 days than it unsticks, only one side is having this problem...the drivers side is fine, its pissing me off so damn much cause...
  9. General Talk
    Well i managed to throw a bearing in my motor today on the way to the mall only good thing is that my buddy is getting me an ex motor w/20k on it to swap in but im leaving this one STOCK.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    So yesterday the roof guys decided to make sooo much noise when putting the material on the roof and it woke me up at like 9am. But I am glad that we moved our cars because one of the bags of material slid off the roof and took out the rain gutter. Today they are working on the damn roof and...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    post pics that make you say, 'damn son, that ish ain't right' !!VERY NWS & GORE!! just a start
  12. Introduce Yourself
    Well I finally found the posts about this forum from the crappy one that used to be the best for the 7thgen but Im sure this one will turn out to be better. Thanks for getting this forum up and running. Let the 7thgen reign begin!! :twisted:
1-12 of 12 Results