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  1. Introduce Yourself
    I love hondas and I love my civic like she was my gf and if she cheats ima run her off in a ditch! I went from big body caprice to owning 4 different crx's and had bad luck with all of them, hydrolocked a zc crx, blew the motor in a 90 turbo ls crx, and sold the other two and got me a 04 em2...
  2. South
    The person running autocross has been nice enough to offer us our own class again. I need to get a least 5 of yall to particiapte and I don't know if thats gonna happen. I know Matt is interested autocrossing and also James. I know I'm going to go and my buddy jordan will as well. So that would...
  3. South
    This event is being hosted by, but though I'd put it up here. Its for cars that need to be touched up a little. I'd go but I'm working that day. Here's the link:
  4. Events
    Went to one of the Rally points. Didn't get a ton of pics and none of them are very good, but you can get a picture of what this thing would be like from the pictures I took. I left before even half the cars showed up because I was tired of standing around. (on a side note, most of the people...
  5. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    Video i took from the dallas meet we just had this weekend. ll4VtJ_P3ak SEtMr3Uewms 5DiYnUB7fcM
  6. Auto-X / Track / Road Course
    Here's a video from the AutoX. This was my second best run of the day. Feel free to post up vids and pics in here from the autoX. Hope yall had a good time! :tup:. Enjoy! Here are the results with times. And the vid at the end: 'Honda' - Total Entries: 5 Trophies: 2TimesTotal1 Trophy 1st. 1...
  7. South
    Hey guys bought some tranny fluid that I'm not gonna use. Its the honda kind and I have the washer also. Let me know if someone needs some.
  8. South
    Ok people, this is the roll call for the Houston area. We will meet in the Dillard's parking lot in Greenspoint Mall on the morning of April 25th at 7 am. We will leave at 7:45 am (copy and paste) Roll Call: 1. aliefjoker
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    This is loyalty:
  10. Off Topic Lounge wait until 40 seconds :bowrofl::bowrofl::bowrofl: dude out of fucking no where :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  11. South
    Anyone know where to get some fenders rolled cheap..or a good DIY? Thanks
  12. South
    Anyone going? Been to the last 2 shows..ill be going to this one hopefully if i get the day off..
  13. Members Rides
    i got bored one night and decided to take a few pictures. lemme know what yall think. and yes, the rims are hideous, but with the starving student's fund, there's nothing i can afford at the moment. be on the lookout for major changes coming soon.
  14. General Talk
    ok guys. sorry if this post seems frantic but im a bit worked up. my father has always wanted a honda goldwing and upon searching craiglist he found a 2005 honda goldwing for a little under 5000 dollars. long story short he ended up sending a payment and the woman is supposadly located in...
1-14 of 17 Results