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  1. Members Rides
    Hi, don't know where else to post this but I have a question: I recently blew my 2005 Civic coupe's d17a1, (spun rods, shrapnel in the oil pickup, bent crank, warped block etc) and found a good engine on marketplace. Only problem is it's a d17a2. I tore down the VTEC engine and put a new head...
  2. Members Rides
    Snap shot of work done so far. AEM camgear Hondata ECU ARP head studs Forged rods and pistons Upgraded clutch kit D16y8 manifold eBay turbo kit Acura EL rear disc brake Upgraded steel braided brake lines. The car is tuned to 180 HP. I will need to upgrade the injectors, fuel pump, and MAP...
  3. Member Builds
    [Original Post: 10/09/15] Will's Turbo EM2 Build INTRODUCTION Hey 7thgen :wave: my name is Will and I joined this forum a couple of years ago. This bone stock beauty is my project while I am in school, so it's a slow one. I have been through everything and back with this car, but I have always...
  4. Engine & Transmission
    Remove air intake tube and air filter housing. Disconnect battery. Remove battery and remove the battery tray by removing the 4 bolts. It just gives you more room to work. Remove the transmission ground cable. Remove the clutch line bracket.
  5. Member Builds
    Hey everyone. :wave: I just started piecing parts together for my boosted d17 build. This is my side project while going to college so its going to take a while and im hoping to be done in the 5 years that ill be at school. Before anyone says this is a waste of money blah blah blah - I don't...
  6. General Talk
    Okay, so I currently run a D17A2 with a cold air intake, header, and maybe hopefully soon a DC Sports exhaust but I have been kicking around the idea of doing a complete engine swap. However, I'm not sure if i should swap for a K20A2, B16B2, or a H22. If anyone has any advice on what they think...
  7. Member Builds
    Sup guys... not too many people know me though i have done business and chatted with a few. To start my name is Donald, from Jersey (stand up!!) well lets just get down to business... power goal 300-350whp i have... Arizona t3 turbo 48 turbine housing/ .70 compressor housing intercooler and...
  8. Swap and Forced Induction
    I did an install on a 420a neon and I was thinking why couldn't we use it?
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    Please post pictures of your ported and how/why of things done.
  10. Mechanical Problems
    Juz said id start this cos im lookin for the part number for an oil filter and i cant find it!! Im lookin for a Mann part number if possible cos thats what the local Motor Factors deal in and if i tell them im lookin for an oil filter for a 02 1.7 vtec civic they will shit themselves and ill be...
  11. Mechanical Problems
    Hi in the presentation post i said i have a d17a9 and the first engine died. The sound before dead was like this My question it's about someone have the same problem. I'm afraid about my engine just having the same problem greetings and thanks
  12. Swap and Forced Induction
    See subject. I'm going to try it. Why Foos? 1. Because I can get a set of YCP Vitaras with rings for less than a set of Wiseco rings. 2. We've all talked about it, no one has done it. So it's time to do it. 3. My rotating assembly is out anyway. I'm going to get the block bored to 75.5mm...
  13. Members Rides
    hey giys you think i should go k20 or just stay d17 and add tur:coffee:bo
  14. Videos & Other Media check it out, supra steals the show, even though the race was between me and an n/a built h22
  15. Swap and Forced Induction
    Ok... i apologize if this is a sort of repost... BUT I WENT THROUGH LIKE 20 THREADS and COUNTLESS NUMBER OF PAGES... not to mention google search... so if it is just direct me to the location of where i can find info. I also posted this in Swap and Forced Induction because it is not basic...
  16. Swap and Forced Induction
    hey guys well ive already turbo'd my d17, some of u might know i running the old tsi kit with a new custom log manifold and t3 super 60, gave 202 whp at 7 psi, running 9 psi now but not dynod yet... im planning to build the bottom block with the k1 rods and wiseco pistons, and run a zex 50...
1-16 of 72 Results