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  1. Videos & Other Media not sure how old it is but i just saw it :laugh2::laugh2:
  2. General Talk
    what would happen if i were to put a resonator of a different car on my em2 if i already had an exhaust ? would it sound like that car ? just wondering ... im kind of noob at exhaust.. =p
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    It's late and the backs of my eyelids are talking shit to me, but ever since I've owned my EM2 I've been enamored by the thought of a K swap. The K20R, K20A2/A3 are just too f'n expensive. I've wondered if a k24 w/ i-vtec out of an accord or element mated to a base model RSX 5spd would be a...
  4. Basic Performance
    i am very curious...if we cud just slap on a hks filter onto our stock box and take off the stock filter.??? u know what i mean...attach the hks filter to the first box right next to the throttle body. so bsically taking out the 2nd pipe/box/crap. ??? kinda nooby question to ask...but it made me...
1-4 of 4 Results