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  1. Canada
    Okay here's the final video, watch it in 720p for best quality
  2. Canada
    So Sam and I are gonna cruise to Cincinnati for the long weekend... anyone else down? :bitchfight:
  3. Videos & Other Media
    Local car club/ forum annual Spring cruise. The weather was shitty so the turnout wasn't the greatest... rS8KZNWuKzA
  4. Canada
    When : 06/26/2009 Where: Blue Moutain Initial Meeting spot 9:00AM Airport Road and Mayfield Road Sunoco / Tim Hortons...
  5. Members Rides
    Just a couple of pictures if you guys were interested lol. Beach time lol. Picture of the day?
  6. Canada
    I figured Id start up a thread for all the CanAm media. Heres some pics of everyone getting ready to depart the Bronte Station meet spot At the first pit stop, Boston Pizza parking lot joined by some of the American club members as well. On the road cruising to Firemen's Park...
  7. Events
    Hey guys..went up to my local racetrack lancaster speedway. Every wed night in the summers they do cruise night. You can take ur car down the track for $5 a run or just park on the oval track and show ur car. So I went yestorday and parted with a couple are some pics for you...
  8. Mid Atlantic
    Looks like they are starting cruise night again at Raceway Park on the first Tuesday of the month. For those that haven't gone you get one free pass down the track.
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Well as some of u know, i did a auto to manual swap and a head swap as well. After i did the auto to manual, the cruise control worked. When i swapped the head, i didn't hook the cable back up to the throttle body for about a week. I had Paul hook it back up and i went to use it that day on the...
  10. Mid Atlantic
    Welp, It's about 3 weekends away and I was just wondering if any other Em2 guys were going to be down there. The dates are May 14-May 16....I'll be arriving early Friday morning and leaving late Sunday afternoon. If your also attending,Maybe we could meet up and cruise?
  11. Canada
    Let me know who's in for this... all the details and infos are in the website: sign up on the website if you wanna come. hope to see you guys there:dance: SIGN UP CLICK HERE ITINERARY CLICK HERE WAIVER TO BE PRINTED CLICK HERE RULES & DISCLAIMER CLICK HERE
  12. Mechanical Problems
    my cruise control is sending feed back to the brake sensor and shifter release. The device that unlocks ur shifter when you press the brake. i have the cruse control unhooked now. Does anyone have this issue???? P.S. i have an automatic.... I KNOW I KNOW SHHHH don't tell anyone How did u fix it?
  13. Swap and Forced Induction
    I am just curious has anyone done this because i am interested in attempting. Thanks jason
  14. West would anyone like to join me?
  15. General Talk
    So i have a heavy foot.... and i use my cruise control OFTEN as i use the clutch.. lol.. So i was wondering does anybody notice there gas consumption difference with or without using there cruise control.... over 100 under 60?? i use it all the time... Oh and i had the worst transmission trouble...
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    You will be missed. Good night sweet prince.
  17. Electrical
    To start out. I have a rattling from my automatic shift knob. And, for a while there my cruise control would only come on for a short while when it was hot out. I had a tech person look at it and we replace the cruise auctionator. That wasn't the problem. So now i can't have my plugged in unless...
  18. Members Rides
    My car isn't actually in the pictures because i rode with my friend Skyla (silver EJ8), but i thought i would share some of the pics i took. Thanks for looking!
  19. Members Rides
    johbbt's pics CSULA- Mt Wilson - and my vid
  20. West
    Midnight MADNESS Cruise Down to PCH Date : 11/7TH/08 Meet up Time 11:00pm Meet info: Open to all (makes and models) Something to do on a Friday night Take Pics meet new people Have A Cruise Beginning Location : starbucks / artist theaters lot 1919 Verdugo Blvd, La Canada, CA 91011 Pit...
1-20 of 32 Results