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  1. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I'm new being a user, but I've lurked for years. Sorry if this has already been discussed, I searched but couldn't find anything recent. Since Crower stopped selling camshafts, what other alternative do we have? Regrinds are okay, but not preferred, and Crower doesn't offer them for...
  2. Member Builds
    Swap stock pedal set with DC5 pedal set Manual Pedal DC5 set. I was order from secondhand part from Japan. In the set have 4 item check below. Compare between stock and DC5 Compare stock and DC5 pedal set one by one Step 1 : Remote a stock set first and swap one by one.
  3. Members Rides
    well its about as far as im gonna go with the engine but heres the list: VTEC PnP Head with 3-angle valve job valve matched to OEM seats S2 Crower cam Crower springs and retainers ARP head studs and 12pt nuts Kpro HP headers with test pipe (Thanks Vilex) OEM head gasket and valve seals pics of...
  4. Basic Performance
    i'm looking to do some further n/a works, has anyone tried the n/a crower cam's stage1 or 2? experiences? results? (will do kpro soon) (ps: tried search, did not find something directly) thx
  5. General Talk
    Hey peeps, check it out. Someone is selling an EX head with a Stage 2 Crower turbo cam and Crower valve springs and retainers for $600 shipped. That's a pretty good deal as the cam and valve train are more than that new. Ebay Crower stuffed head
1-5 of 7 Results