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  1. Basic Performance
    Ok, so I am going to get a megan racing test pipe for my EX civic, meaning the converter will be non-existant. To keep fuel consumption the same and prevent the car from throwing a trouble code, I've got to do something about that second O2 sensor. If anyone has any experience with defoulers...
  2. Basic Performance
    I was reading on a few sites that if I take my catlitic converter off of my car, it wont start. is that true. I'd like to run straight pipe from the header.
  3. General Talk
    I'm in the market for a header/catalytic converter/downpipe. I want to know all that is out there. What is been used and if it was good. Any installation horror stories. And btw i have a Tsudo exhaust. I want to keep a low tone. I hate the high and riced out sound.
  4. Mechanical Problems
    My cat header/cat converter went bad a couple days back(its the LX cat). :tdn:..I wasn't gonna drive it around till i got it fixed, but i had to since its the only means of transportation i have. So then yesterday, while driving the CEL comes on; I'm thinkng maybe an o2 sensor went bad or...
  5. Basic Performance
    Dont know how it happened, hit a monster pot hole full of water and BOOM. CEL came on about 5 mins later. Got home and looked under the car and found a big gash looking hole starting @ flange up to to the cat on my LX. (cat is part of the header). the hole looks like its...
  6. Mechanical Problems
    Mine just went out right after i swapped a new d17 in w/ the old trans.. Is this sumthing that can just happen unrelated to the swap or.. was it the swap? And what exactly does this solenoid do?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    I just bought a 2003 civic and it has a header on it and then no catylitic converter and then a muffler,,,, is this going to hurt my motor???? help!!
  8. Basic Performance
    Does anyone know of an aftermarket cat besides the Random Technology cat? I have it and it kinda blows. Its stainless, but the heat shield isn't. It hits my Progress sway bar and makes a clunk clunk clunk sound. It has smaller piping than the rest of my exhaust (RSR Ex-Mag). If a company made a...
1-8 of 8 Results