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  1. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Where can you even find EP3 rear disc brakes at that include everything you need to swap out the drums on an Em2 for the EP3 ones? I doubt there are many junkyards in general that just have EP3's laying around to get parts from :dunno:
  2. General Talk
    so can anyone tell me where to get the best deal on a K20? much appreciated!
  3. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    im lookin to do the conversion to disc in the rear and i know you can do the dc5 swap to 5 lug but i wanna keep the four lug. now ive heard that you can use the parts from like a 94 integra is that true. help me out please:dunno:
  4. Basic Performance
    I got an 01 civic Dx and I've been thinkin about converting my rear drums to disc. I've seen the threads and I know it is possible with the rear brake assembly from an 02-03 civic si. However, I got a salvage rsx type s as a freebee and the rear dsc assembly is intact. Is it possible to swap in...
  5. General Talk
    Hey guys, Its been a long time since i last posted. I traded my Inca Pearl EM2 for a 1994 B16a2 Turbo Del Sol. About 3 weeks later it was stolen from me at my place of work back in Michigan. Since then i have moved from Michigan to Minnesota and now work for a company called Modern Automotive...
  6. General Talk
    i have the d17a1 and i want to convert it to vtec what all do i need to get i know i need the head but what else or is it just easier to get the whole motor?
  7. General Talk
    I have been doin some thinking and since RHD conversions arent exactly readily available for 7thgens, I was wondering if a DC5 firewall conversion would work for us. Both the RSX and the civics firewalls are essentially the same. Anybody have any input?
  8. General Talk
    what all is needed besides fenders headlights hood bumper grill fogs someone said something about the headlights need a bracket or something is it just bolt and go?
  9. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    can i bolt-on the circled onto the stock (drum) trailing arms? (pic was used as reference, don't mind the 5-lug)
  10. General Talk
    Does anybody knows if someone makes a rear disc conversion for the 7th gen honda... I've got a 02 civic... if not what will be my options for this? And also i have an auto tranny, and i'm about to swap it to manual, is it good to go with a stock civic 5spd manual tranny or a 6spd custom built....
  11. Engine & Transmission
    Walrbo 255lph & Return Fuel system setup. There are a few factors that will determine whether you need to do a return conversion or not. Mainly, your power level and the size of your injectors. If you’re going for 250 whp plus, you should step it up to a return fuel system. I recommend a...
  12. Members Rides
    :domo::bowrofl: And I'm freakin' stoked!!! Been waiting to do this since November of 2006 when I got in my first accident. Recently got rear ended lightly and used that money to buy a new 04-05 rear bumper, and the 04-05 front end parts. A few notes on the conversion for those interested, since...
  13. Electrical & Lighting
    Items Needed: -DC5 Cluster w/ Pigtails 1. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery 2. Remove the cluster bezel 3. Remove the cluster 4. Cut off the 2 plugs that goes to the cluster 5. Strip the wires where you just cut off the plugs and on the DC5 cluster pigtails. 6. Solder each...
  14. General Talk
    Seeing how my car which the interior is like the 01-02 Civic, I grabbed the OEM carbon fiber kit, and one the pieces was the center consule which was different from my 01 so i got the smaller OEM handbrake but the only problem i ran into was the drivers chair armrest found on my OEM had to...
  15. Electrical & Lighting
    this diy should take 10-30 mins, depending on experience. difficulty level is 1 out of 10. OVERVIEW the 04-05 honda civic tail lamps look much cooler and everyone wants them, but the size of the signal bulb is much smaller on the 04-05, as oppose to the 01-03. there are many ways this problem...
  16. General Talk
    I was wondering if it was possible to take an engine, say a D17, that runs on gas, replace certain parts, and make it run on diesel? If possible, what parts?
  17. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    did it last night and just an FYi for anyone about to do it on a sedan the ep3 brake cables arnt quite long enough. you have to leave one of the brackets off. im going to try and find the right brake cables but ill post pics soon.
  18. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Hey whats up everyone. I'm still kinda new here so just ignore me if i say anything obvious and whatnot. But i was looking around and i was wondering if any of you guys know anything about doing a rear disk brake conversion on a 2001 LX coupe. I just got it recently so its completely stock but...
  19. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    I am looking for a DIY on 5 lugs conversion. I found some parts coming off a EP3 type-R, and I am wondering if a can do the conversion easily, what is needed, etc. I know using base RSX part you only need the spindle and hub in front and spindle, hub, and caliper in the rear Are EPR type-R...
  20. Members Rides
    took me about 2 hours with air tools, my wheels are dirty and yes i know my side skirt is falling off...fixing it tomorrow
1-20 of 21 Results