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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Well as some of u know, i did a auto to manual swap and a head swap as well. After i did the auto to manual, the cruise control worked. When i swapped the head, i didn't hook the cable back up to the throttle body for about a week. I had Paul hook it back up and i went to use it that day on the...
  2. Suspension
    So my front control arm bushings are cracked and being to tear. I feel at this point with a set of eibach pro kit springs and 205/50/10 hankook radial tires that to rid my car of understeer that going with stiffer control arm bushings. Question is, how harsh are they, this will be done to my dd(...
  3. Suspension
    Ok guys, I am picking up a set of Ground Controls locally tomorrow, and had a few questions. First, what do I need to look for as far as wear and tear? And as far as adjustment goes, do these come with a special tool for that? And what does this kit all come with? If they are on stock struts I...
  4. Electrical
    so if you have an lx, what are you using if you have remote locks for your car, like alarm or pop trunk all that shit... who has that? if so what are you using?
  5. Suspension
    I was getting ready to buy some LCA's. I talked to a friend and he said you needed a special tool to remove the bolts. Can anyone tell me what this tool is called and where i can get one?
  6. Suspension
    Since they dont make GC sleeves for our cars, will the rsx GC sleeves fit our cars also?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    my cruise control is sending feed back to the brake sensor and shifter release. The device that unlocks ur shifter when you press the brake. i have the cruse control unhooked now. Does anyone have this issue???? P.S. i have an automatic.... I KNOW I KNOW SHHHH don't tell anyone How did u fix it?
  8. Mechanical Problems
    So this morning when I was taking the exit off the highway, deffinately driving too fast for the exit, my car started to skid and ended up hitting the curb, blew the tire, ruined a rim, and bending my lower control arm. Im also going to have to get a new sway end link. whats the best place to...
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    I am just curious has anyone done this because i am interested in attempting. Thanks jason
  10. Electrical
    Ok well before i trashed my car (body and motor) there were two things i noticed that were starting to get on my nerves but never had a chance to fix! The first thing i noticed was that the backlight for my first climate control dial wasn't lit anymore so i tore apart my dash and everything...
  11. Mechanical Problems
    Anyone know how to fit the new bushings in without the use of a press? I've been trying everything, from trying to hammer it in to using a vice to hmm... using 2 vices lol! This is what happened... LOL!! Broke on me, and still left the damn bushing out by like 5cm!! AHHHH!!!! I still...
  12. Electrical
    To start out. I have a rattling from my automatic shift knob. And, for a while there my cruise control would only come on for a short while when it was hot out. I had a tech person look at it and we replace the cruise auctionator. That wasn't the problem. So now i can't have my plugged in unless...
  13. Suspension
    Hey guys, I'm most likely going to be getting an '01 Civic tomorrow from a friend of mine, and he says the passenger side lower control arm is out, and I looked at it from underneath and it moves around and such, seems like the bushing is bad. My question is would the whole control arm need to...
  14. Off Topic Lounge :smiley-rofl::smiley-rofl::smiley-rofl:
  15. Suspension
    Anyone here have GC with stock struts. If so how does it ride and how easy is it to ajust them.
  16. Suspension
    Specifically. The reason I ask is because I already have D-Specs and want the GC's, but according to numerous dealers, GC does NOT offer a coilover set specifically designed for the diameter of the D-Specs. One dealer suggested that I just order the GC's for OEM diameters, but I already tried...
  17. Basic Performance
    :mad: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so, When i turn on my car my automatic (trans) gear shifter makes a rattling and clicking noise. And, when i press the button to my cruise control it turns on, however when i want to set the desired...
  18. Electrical
    Ok so, When i turn on my car my automatic (trans) gear shifter makes a rattling and clicking noise. And, when i press the button to my cruise control it turns on, however when i want to set the desired speed it won't let me. I was told by the dealor to replace the Stoplamp switch Stoplamp...
1-18 of 33 Results