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  1. Suspension
    so im gettin the d2 full coilover and i know all the specs except i cant find anywhere the specs of the degree camber the camber plates aloud. does anyone know?? :coffee:
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Does anyone make perfomance coils for the d17 a1??:eek3:
  3. Suspension
    are the hayame coils good? anybody have them? pics of them on a car too? seached but that only shows what they look like
  4. Suspension
    i bought some and tried to put them on and the sleeve wouldnt fit over the strut, just wondering if anyone else has ran into this problem before
  5. Suspension
    So ive had this problem with my front drivers side coiloviers for a while, but i just took the quick easy was out, if you look on the picture below the arrows pointed to the problem i have with them, as you can see the thread at the top of the shock, on my drivers side coilovier almost about 30...
  6. Suspension
    Hey guys well Im not very satisfied with my current lowering springs. I saw these skunk 2 coilovers and am intrested. Im looking to either get 2000...
  7. Suspension
    Got a set of KW coilovers that were sitting in my trunk for two weeks. Finally I am gonna be rolling on them by this Sunday. If anyone has KW setup, tell me how stiff the ride is compared to other brands..thanks
  8. Suspension
    Hey all, im debating which to get, so owners of either, let me know how they feel and if its a good buy or not. thx also, do they give a good drop with what ur set up is, pics would be good too. - thanx for any input!
1-8 of 8 Results