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  1. Suspension
    I bought a new set of truhart coilovers. After the installation I noticed that the car seems to not stay straight when driving. It feels like it constantly want to pull to the right or left and I have to force the steering wheel to stay straight. I also noticed it will also at time pull to where...
  2. Dont know where to post?
    i own a 02 ex and i am looking to start doing things to it, the first thing i would like to do is buy coilovers. i live in louisiana and our roads are built on top of wetlands, so our roads are not very good. im looking for good coilovers around $400-800 can anyone help me?:sadwavey:
  3. Dont know where to post?
    Hi all I have just bought a Honda Civic EP4 1.7 CTDI and I don't know much about modding the car. But I want to put coil overs on it. I found someone that has a set for sale that was in a Honda Civic Type R EP3. I was wondering if I buy it would it fit my car or would I need to get a special...
  4. Suspension
    Hey guys, I,m sorry that I opened a new thread. I just couldn't find anything helpful for my situation. I experience mild to severe bump steer depending on the size of potholes I run over. I have an 03 EM2 dropped on kSport coils anywhere from 2 to 2.5 inches. It has XXR 15 inch 0 offset 527's...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    Hello everyone, I'm having a major problem with a reasonable amount of play on the tie rod/strut arm assembly from the driver's side. It started after swapping out the OEM struts for a set of Ksport coilovers. It eventually came down to a tapered insert that was inside the strut arm hole and...
  6. Members Rides
    How can I stop my spring binding on my TEIN BASIS Coilovers? Greasing only goes for so long. I even put the silencer rubber on each spring (2 on each) from TEIN. I heard about thrust bearings, would it work? NEED HELP.
  7. Suspension
    So I purchased some CX Racing Coilovers and the rear doesn't seem to be able to sit very low but I can slam my car to the ground in the front. Idk if I'm just not dropping it the right way and if I did do it the right way I wanted to know if there's ways to drop it even lower than it is meant to...
  8. Suspension
    price isn't a huge concern. around 1000$ is the limit. A little over is fine if the coils suggested make a huge difference from others. But from what I see, most in that price range perform relatively the same. Opinions on favorite coil set that rides stiff? Just sold my Rokkors lol. lol. lol...
  9. n/a

    Delete Thread. Found Answer!
  10. General Talk
    Had all of this typed out already and it vanished, so here is an impatient second attempt! Hey Guys, its been awhile since i was on here, alot has happened in the last 2 years, I left the green isle of Ireland and moved to Australia in Feb 2011, its been good and I'm not out of my time here...
  11. Suspension
    So i got an offer to get some skunk2 basic coilovers for %230 brand new. I've heard that skunk2 is kinda shitty but i dont really care about the ride quality because i'm going to upgrade to a better setup at the end of summer. I just want to be low right now. Do you think the skunk2 basics will...
  12. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    So I'm thinking about getting XXR 527 rims for my Em2. I wanted to know how can I order them. Also, will 17x8.25 fit if I got them installed by Discount Tire (Are there some special things I need?). What coilovers will be best (cheap). I want my Em2 to look sort of like "TylersEm2" but not as...
  13. General Talk
    Does anybody have any ideas or know of any place that offers lowering springs and/or coilovers at a good price for the EM2? thanks peeps
  14. Suspension
    Okay so my Ricelands just came in about 30 minutes ago. And I got an attachment with it saying that two different spring seats were included and you were to use the seat that went with your car according to date of manufacture. Only problem is that since these are made for the ep3, I don't know...
  15. Suspension
    I finally got enough money to buy some coilovers. Which ones do you guys think are the best coilovers for under 1500 bucks?
  16. Members Rides
    Here's how she was Now she's a little more aggressive looking... (all the pollen is making her look real dirty!) quick vid of a driveby cuz i was bored comments?
1-17 of 68 Results