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  1. Suspension
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could give me there opinion on swift springs. I’m getting coilovers for my em2 civic and was looking at silvers neomax coilovers and they have a swift spring option. I’m mainly looking to make it ride nicely while being lower.
  2. Dont know where to post?
    Hi all I have just bought a Honda Civic EP4 1.7 CTDI and I don't know much about modding the car. But I want to put coil overs on it. I found someone that has a set for sale that was in a Honda Civic Type R EP3. I was wondering if I buy it would it fit my car or would I need to get a special...
  3. Suspension
    price isn't a huge concern. around 1000$ is the limit. A little over is fine if the coils suggested make a huge difference from others. But from what I see, most in that price range perform relatively the same. Opinions on favorite coil set that rides stiff? Just sold my Rokkors lol. lol. lol...
  4. Suspension
    There's many different things that have been said about Megan Racing Coilovers, so we decided to create our own mega Megan Racing Coilover Review and Testimony by scouring the internet to find out what, you, the people are saying about Megan Racin Coilovers. We've even thrown in warranty...
  5. Suspension
    Hey, I just picked up a set of racelands a few days ago. Yesterday I installed the 2 front coilovers and everything seemed to go in fine. All the bolt patterns matched up. I did not do any of the modifications. When I got done with the front 2 I decided to take a test drive. Already, as I was...
  6. Suspension
    Hi, Car 04 coupe. I have installed some megan sport coilovers on my car. Just wondering if anyone with direct experience setting these up can give some help. My issue is that I think I've maxed out the rear height as low as they will go, but its not near where I'd like them to be at. I'd...
  7. Suspension
    I've been hearing an annoying SQUEAK noise coming from the coilover on the rear-left. Kinda sounds like it's dry or sounds squeaky though. They're D2 coilovers and I've had them for about 5-6months. Any idea on what could be causing this? Could it maybe be that the coilover...
  8. Suspension
    So i am debating switching my set up. I have been doing research here and there and trying to figure out what i want. Koni/GC is an option, but i was also looking into some full coilover systems. I don't mean to sound repetitive asking for coilover thoughts and reviews so ill try to keep...
  9. Suspension
    hey im about to order some coilovers?? what is the best site for selection and price?? right now im thinking between the megan or the progress coilovers? im trying to stay under 1000$ what would you suggest? other opinions?? thanks
  10. Suspension
    Ok I hope this issue hasn't been beat to death but I couldn't find anything direclty addressing it. I have the Skunk2 coilover sleaves, and I cannot figure out how to get rid of this noise when I turn. It makes a noise like the spring is shifting everytime. I'm sure it has to do with the fact...
  11. Suspension
    Anyone ever heard of them? and/or are riding on them? I can get them for like $96 a sleeve. 0" - 4" drop :dunno:
  12. Suspension
    Hello everyone I have a question for you guys. I have a stock 2002 Civic Ex and to the best of my knowledge I have McPhearson Struts on both the front and back. My question is...Will i be able to put coilover sleeves on my McPhearson Struts? If yes will I need to buy anything else besides just...
  13. Suspension
    Hey guys, i was installing my new springs and got the front done and the rears out but now when i go to reinstall the coilover, the two at the top go back in place but the bottom of the strut sits to low and won't go back into the slot to allow the bolt to go thru. Do you'll have any idea on y...
  14. Suspension
    how much gap will there be if i get the Skunk2 or ground control and put them all the way down. also with out cutting the damper perch. im on tenzo-r springs now with a 2 finger gap in the front.
  15. Suspension RSX Skunk2 full coils for $250 shipped! should come with tie rod ends, but can be bought for like 30 bucks each from me :laugh2:. cant beat the price!
  16. Suspension
    okm i am thinking about going with a full coilover instead of the ground control sleeve kit. has anyone ran with skunk2 coiolver and did u like them or what did u hear about them?
  17. Suspension
    just wondering who sets their driver side coilover higher than the other side for more of a weight balancing thing. Same question for the rears. I weigh 140 pounds. how crucial is it to have the coilovers adjusted evenly?
  18. Suspension
    I found a seller on craigslist and he is selling his Tein Basic Coilovers for 500 dollars. I dunno if thats a good deal...i found some brand new for 1000... Second question, do these coilover fit a 02 Civic LX? He orginally posted that its for a sedan. I need to know the answer by tomorrow...
1-18 of 34 Results