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    even though ps3 and xbl cant play together, lets share your ranks and funny stuff that happened in the game you were in. and what is your highest score? here are mines... highest score i got was 135 kills 42 deaths in shipment 90 something kills 20 deaths in crash i completed 8 different...
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    If so my psnid: shellshock83 hit me up and we could get some games going. so far: shellshock833 ths77lax eurtune AK1RA-0 novice112
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    Bought it today :bitch: Im gonna get that knife wet early on u motha fuckas!!!! Add me: Bapestar88 (be sure to say ur from 7thgenhonda) ;) FYI: Best buy employee was in front of me in line, used discount and didnt void, so I got employee discount and got the game for 30 buks :lick2::domo:
1-3 of 3 Results