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  1. Mechanical Problems
    Just bought a used '03 LX coup w/ @ 105K miles to commute to work in. Drives nice, air works everythings ok except the temperature gauge doesn't work. Well I live in Florida. I really need that gauge to be safe. First I put in a new coolant temperature sensor. No change. Did the self diagnosis...
  2. Dont know where to post?
    hey guys my names javeon, this is my first time owning an em2 and also my first time using a forum, guess you can consider me a virgin. im loving the car despite the fact it doesn't have power anything, getting use to it(all prev cars had it). i have big plans for this car but i have a couple...
  3. Dont know where to post?
    I bought a used 2003 honda civic ex on craigslist. Everything on the cluster works except the odometer. The lighting on the speedometer works.I tried clicking the black button on the cluster but nothing. I really need the odometer to work to know how much mileage it has and use the trip mileage...
  4. Mechanical Problems
    Okay folks, need some Cluster help. It's been like this since I've owned the car. Issues are that the Needles are just slightly off where they're SUPPOSED to be. When my speedometer shows I'm traveling 60mph, I'm actually going around 54mph. As for as the Cluster test, this will show you how...
  5. Mechanical Problems
    so when i turn my car on and turn the runnin lights on for the car only the right side of my cluster will light up. i have to smack the dash for the left side to light up i thought it might be the bulbs but once i get it to come on it stays on. do you think i would have a short somewhere in my...
  6. Electrical
    I currently own a 2004 Civic VP and was wanting to do a cluster swap with anything that has a tach. If I were to purchase a new cluster from the same year, would I have to do any rewiring to make the tach work?
  7. Swap and Forced Induction :dance:
  8. Electrical
    I have a 01 Civic EX Coupe. Last year i replaced all the incadescent bulbs in the instrument cluster (speedometer) with some plug n play leds from I've switched them out many many times with no problems...until last night. I went to switch colors/bulbs last night and when i...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    any one from sacraemnto area willing to help out with a 01 to 04 cluster swap? :sadwavey::x::dunno: i fried my 01 clsuter and need to put in a new cluster so i fig if i gotta get a new cluster.. why not a 04 2dr ex cluster swap. if you can PM me or Aim or Yahoo me.... Thanx!!!
  10. Mechanical Problems
    My odometer doesn't seem to work. The fuel gauge, temp guage, and speedometer stopped working. It started about a year ago that it would periodically shut off for a bit then start up again. Anyone have an answer for this? I would like to know. Thank you
  11. Electrical
    at the risk of sounding retarted, does anyone know if its possible to switch from a 02 civic gauge cluster to an 02 acura 1.6el gauge cluster? i know alot of people have swapped over to the 03-05 civic, but i prefer the acura gauges
  12. General Talk
    So I've been looking around for an LX cluster to swap into my VP so I can get the in-dash TAC... So far I've only been able to get a price from a single salvage yard for $487 with shipping, seems a little steep to me... What have you paid for your cluster swap and where did you get it...
  13. General Talk
    I just got my cluster in. Its the blue lighted one with the chrome surrounding. Anway I went to my car and it plugs right in, but it doesn't work. I know andyman made a DIY but thats going from an 01-03 to an 04-05. I want to go from an 05 to a 04. Anyone know how I can wire this up? I need a...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Can I swap out an 05 EM2 Cluster with my 05 ES1 Cluster? We both have automatics. Will work perfectily on both sides? No ECU problems?
  15. Electrical
    Do you have problems with the tach not being correct because it's not full sweep like the stock ones?
  16. Electrical
    hey i was wondering if this would work? because i dont have a tackometer on my dx. thanks
  17. Electrical
    My cluster lights keep blowing out in the one corner, the temp. side. I replaced the bulbs thinking thinking the bulb went bad then the new ones blew in like 2 days. what could be the problem what should I check.
  18. Electrical
    If I do a cluster swap from a '02 civic (gray faces) to '03 (black faces) and my civic has side airbags. Do I have to get a cluster that also has the side airbag light? Or if I get a cluster that came from a civic that didn't have side airbags do I just lose the "side airbag off" light and is...
  19. Electrical
    I am looking at the newer gauges and Josh (THE_DON) told me about the 03-05 gauge cluster and after seeing them in his car I really like them. He is saying that they can go in the 01's and 02's, but are they plug and play? And would my mileage be altered...
  20. Mechanical Problems
    I need help with my cluster swap. I just completed the swap. Everything started up fine, except now my radio doesn't work and my door locks don't work either. Checked for blown fuses and there are none. My remote door lock won't work either. Any ideas guys? I need help ASAP.....
1-20 of 36 Results