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  1. Introduce Yourself
    hey my names clint i have a white 03 civic with black drag rims.. i got a apexi exhaust system, custom head and tail lights, and i dropped it 2", the engine is stock but im still working on it... and im in the DFW area and i was referred by matt v.
  2. Members Rides
    Well folks, Paul is here to pick up a bunch of parts today and we came up with a great idea for a business plan. We're going into business as a windshield replacement service. We only make house calls because we need access to household power for our cutting edge tools. Here is our...
  3. General Talk haha, i lold at this one, too funny Clint
  4. Members Rides
    Andy. I love you this much. I love you so much, my heart bleeds for you. Well, my fingers do anyway. Here's what I had to deal with. The front of the car was all fucking pushed in. Made getting the steering rack out a whole lot of fun. Here is what I was talking about on the heater...
1-4 of 5 Results