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  1. Electrical
    Ok well before i trashed my car (body and motor) there were two things i noticed that were starting to get on my nerves but never had a chance to fix! The first thing i noticed was that the backlight for my first climate control dial wasn't lit anymore so i tore apart my dash and everything...
  2. General Talk
    i was taking a look at the 04 el and it seems to have an automatic climate control. i was wondering if i took the 3 combo switches (airflow,temp,fan) would i have a working auto climate control? im guessing everything is to do with the switch like the variable intermittent wiper switch which is...
  3. Electrical
    hey guys.. the lower left corner of my climate control doesn't light up anymore and i am wondering if this is a fuse problem or a bulb problem? can u guys help me out please on a diy or watever? and if i can buy the bulbs anywhere and what size? thanks guys. btw the only thing not lighting up...
1-3 of 3 Results