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  1. Other
    Today I'm gonna show you how to transform your engine bay from this: To this: First, we need to cover anything that can be damaged by water (I.E. air filters and etc. I cover my battery just to be extra careful). Once we've covered those up, we can get our supplies. You will need: A...
  2. General Talk
    A buddy of mine told me that i should treat my car to a full tank of premium now and then to clean out the engine. Is this true? If so, is it bad for the vehicle itself?
  3. Members Rides
    It's simple, really. All of the above things come into play at once, and pictures are pretty much mandatory. I installed some used Eibach Prokit springs last night, and got a new camera about a week ago. I'm still learning how to use it, so if you're going to tell me the pictures suck, please...
  4. General Talk
    so i had an oil catch can laying around and since aspecha's car is now turboed we decided we are gonna put it in there... i was looking at the em2's and seeing where to mount it up... i dont know if anybody took this idea already but on the A/C system there is a little canister down by the...
  5. Detailing
    Ok here is my issue I wash my car and it still looks dirty dont know why... i use the ICE car wash and everything am i doing something wrong??? like it looks good wet but as soon as it dries it looks like it wasnt even washed and if i use a shammy or towel it looks worse... help.
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    found this randomly on streetfire
  8. Detailing
    well i just bought matte black wheels and i was wondering what are some good products i can use that wont harm the paint on them, i know some wheel cleaners say on the back dont use on painted wheels...i was just wondering what some of you guys with black, gunmetal etc use on your wheels, thanks
1-9 of 10 Results