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  1. General Talk
    I'm not sure if its just me but it seems like alot of people are parting out their cars and selling them. Especially with Dezod slowly backing out of the civic world it just doesnt seem to make sense to put so much money into the car because everyone seems to want to sell it only a couple years...
  2. Electrical
    Anyone ever seen this: in a civic? Do they even sell the brackets for civics or do you have to get it custom made?
  3. General Talk
    I just wanted to post this thread to show some of you guys that a 92-95 civic lip does fit 01-03 civics? One of my buddy had a spoon lip lying around his garage, it was for his 92 dx. I decide to try it on my civic somehow pretty kool it fit without major mod.... Here some pic of it...
  4. General Talk
    I'm looking into buying my first car and I've driven a few (somehwta) fast cars. I know civics are not fast unless you add things to them. Even the ex's which come with Vtec are that much faster..right? anyway I was looking into buying an 01 but I heard they have a RIDICULOUS amount of...
  5. Videos & Other Media
    If some of you guys havent heard yet. CivicNation is filming their second commercial. The first one that you guys saw was a different commercial. A couple of months ago they filmed one to start off the CivicNation episodes now their back for the part TWO. They asked me to look for a couple...
  6. General Talk
    i goto auctions all the time and see some fucked up shit honda wise so im going to share some of the pics from online auctions of civic carnage hopefully this could change ur driving method it did mine disclaimer this might make u sick first batch of hondas will b 7th gens...
  7. Videos & Other Media
    i want this soooooo bad
  8. South
    I will be in Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Key Largo, and Key West from April 26th to May 2nd, and I wanted to know if I can expect to see any of you on the streets around there. Ill be there for my spring break, but Im lookin forward to seein some 7th gens around.
  9. General Talk
    Hey guys well I was just wondering if anyone else had like this plastic side molding stuff around the tops of the wheel wells. I was just curious to know cause I wanna take mine off so it looks cleaner the only prob is im not sure if its supposed to come off. My year of car is 2004 civic ex 2...
  10. Members Rides
    i was just wondering if anyone knows of any lip kits for 04-05 ES civics?? thanks everyone
  11. General Talk
    does anybody know of a game for the ps2 wich has our civics in it?????? i was really disapointed to try grand turismo 4 and see all the f**kin cars in there and no civic like ours, they only had the hatch and older civics. whats the deal, they can have all sorts of small shitty cars with no...
1-11 of 11 Results