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  1. Members Rides
    Hi, don't know where else to post this but I have a question: I recently blew my 2005 Civic coupe's d17a1, (spun rods, shrapnel in the oil pickup, bent crank, warped block etc) and found a good engine on marketplace. Only problem is it's a d17a2. I tore down the VTEC engine and put a new head...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Brake pedal goes to the floor when engine running. When cars off I can build some pressure - but pedal never goes firm and still sinks to the floor slowly. Bought the car with this low pedal brake problem. I’ve replaced the following; New Driver caliper New Driver caliper brake hose New Master...
  3. My 2005 Honda Civic Coupe

    "I close my eyes to SEE" o_O
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hi Honda brethren. I've got an 04 Civic VP Coupe 5-Speed. I did my first mod this week and got a 2.5" cat-back. More to come.
  5. Members Rides
    How can I stop my spring binding on my TEIN BASIS Coilovers? Greasing only goes for so long. I even put the silencer rubber on each spring (2 on each) from TEIN. I heard about thrust bearings, would it work? NEED HELP.
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hi there! I'm new here, my name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. I own a 2005 Es2, got some projects in mind for it next year, such as turbo, mugen rr spoiler and some other stuff. Hope you guys like my car! :D
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Here is my daily driver/project car. it's a 2002 civic coupe lx This was the day I got it almost a year ago. My plans: BC racing coil overs powder coat my rims maybe an 05 front end full leather seats when I'm done school a k24 swap
  8. Dont know where to post?
    This is my first thread or whatever its called, yes im a girl but i really want my car to have an appealing look and its really hard when you have a car that barely has another car to get parts from. So i have a 2003 honda civic hatchback (eu3) well here in australia its a vi, basically its a 5...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    I bought a 2004 Honda Civic EX that was already K24 swapped when I bought it. The only problem is it will not go over 4000 RPM and is in "limp mode". The car came with a Hondata KPRO-3 Chip that was not installed on the ECU when I bought it, the microprocessor has burn marks on it. I have no...
  10. Members Rides,6001.html Need some help. Posting here for a quicker response. Heard these are good to put on my TEIN Basis Coilovers to help with the binding/clunking issue. It comes with the Bearing and 2 washers for each Coil. My...
  11. Members Rides
    I just happened to catch my car at this point lol
  12. Introduce Yourself
    hey everyone Im Danny from the states and i recently got an Em2 im trying to build it up but i don't really know much , my budget is limited since im only 17. But here she is now, this was today (: <3
  13. Dont know where to post?
    Hello, I am trying to go for this look on the rear lip. I have a 2004 Civic VP coupe and have searched the internet for this specific rear lip/kit but have not found anything remotely close for the 04-05 body styles. What I did find is something very similar to the 01-03 rear lips but I keep...
  14. Mechanical Problems
    Okay folks, need some Cluster help. It's been like this since I've owned the car. Issues are that the Needles are just slightly off where they're SUPPOSED to be. When my speedometer shows I'm traveling 60mph, I'm actually going around 54mph. As for as the Cluster test, this will show you how...
  15. Members Rides
    I'm wanting to keep the speedo on point as possible and also a good lasting meaty tire which is why I'm choosing a 205/50. Now with lowering, how low am I safe too go so I don't rub but also get rid of some wheel gap? Rolling fenders or running weird camber is out of the question. Thanks!
  16. Members Rides
    To whomever has Side Markers on their Civics, do you all have them work with the parking lights at night or just with the turn signals? (Pictures would be awesome too) ;-) (I have the Wire Harness hooked up with them from PasswordJDM) To get them to work for BOTH, I need to do RED WIRE from...
  17. Members Rides
    I'm going to get these sides for my 01 EM2. Now, I'm wanting to get some OEM Splash Guards also. The Honda Part sites say the front Guards don't work with Side spoilers, well I'm thinking they just mean like HFP Kit because it's OEM. Do you think it's possible to put some front Splash Guards on...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody, I'm running an '01 Civic LX Coupe 5spd. and I bought some old Anzo headlights that were sitting in the back corner of a performance shop. Got them mounted okay. The problem is that my parking lamp socket does not match up to the spot where they are supposed to go. I tried using...
  19. n/a

    Delete Thread. Found Answer!
  20. Members Rides
    I'm looking at these 2 lips. yes, almost identical but the middle of it is slightly different design. Just want some opinions or maybe even shots of your Lip on your car. Option 1) Option 2) I'm eyeing more option 1, I like the little difference in the middle of it. Looking for members rides...
1-20 of 303 Results