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  1. Videos & Other Media
    I'm sure you've all seen this but I figured I'd share it anyway. Just in case :dance:
  2. Photography and Photoshop
    So guys i am thinking of painting my rims neon green. its a new direction i wanna go with my DD rims. can someone color my rims similar to my surfboard. I just want to see what it looks like.. thanks for your help.
  3. Photography and Photoshop
    Can someone photoshop these wheels on my car. one in the red and the other in the gunmetal. Thanks Rota RB 15": Red Gunmetal ... On this
  4. Photography and Photoshop
    Hey Guys, I need one of your works to chop the mini cooper wheels onto my civic.....
  5. Photography and Photoshop
    getting fogs this afternoon, unsure on the colour though. wondering if someone can do a clear and yellow fogs on my whip. if it doens't take too long, i'd like to see the smoked ones also.
  6. Photography and Photoshop
    sorry my mistake :(
  7. Photography and Photoshop
    after doing quite a few wheel chops I figured it would only be logical to make a thread devoted to wheel chopping and other misc things chopped on your car. post your car and the wheel you want done. no need to bump the thread just repost your pics if they are a few pages back. :tup: im on...
  8. Photography and Photoshop
    i want these rims (rota slipstreams 17inch) in these colors chopped on my ride royal blue nice metallic black thanks! pics. Rims...
  9. Photography and Photoshop
    hey guys I am thinking about getting some buddy club p1 Racing SF Challenge Wheels. I either want to get the black with the red ring or the white with the red ring. Thanks for the help guys. and also in 16s
  10. Photography and Photoshop
    i know you guys are excellent at this so plz help me out. can you guys make one for both the GT3s and the C8s both in 16"? thanks
  11. Photography and Photoshop
    A local guy is selling these wheels for a CRAZY cheap price and they're practicaly(SP?) brand new! Around 1500 miles on the wheels and tires!!!!! I know the bronze will look good on whilte but will it sill look good with the black and red interior??? So just to see how they will look can...
  12. Photography and Photoshop
    Made a little composite of me and Courtney, comments/critique welcome.
  13. Photography and Photoshop
    can someone do a photo chop with these rims on my car and make the lip anodized red? i know its a lot to ask but if you guys have time cause im at work i can't used photoshop ;( thanks ...:tup::tup:
  14. Photography and Photoshop
    hey im lookin to get new wheels. can some please chop these. im curious to see which one looks better..thanks sorry for the bad quality pics. there really dont flame the vinyls lol. there the only decent pics i have right now of the side.
  15. Off-Topic
    The guy who did the ShamWOW commerical is back but now with the Slap Chop!! Pretty Funny i think.. Watch and enjoy. "You're gonna love my nuts"
  16. Photography and Photoshop
    My wheels have had some minor curb rash and major paint peeling off every which where so ive decided to paint them. some one want to make them silver for me so i know what they will look like? like a paint silver not chrome or polished. pic after i just waxed it
  17. Photography and Photoshop
    im not done by this is what i got so far. comments welcome. be nice its my 3rd chop. orig wip
  18. Photography and Photoshop
    updated the headlights and grill, removed the rack, rims, added some hids :) orig chop its a work in progress so be nice hahah
  19. Photography and Photoshop
    hey guys i have this del sol and i NEED to paint it ...not that its not obvious with the rattle can job it has now anyways i was thinking about like a flat black and one of my friends suggested that black cherry pearl color any chance of someone chopping the black cherry one onto this if they...
  20. Photography and Photoshop
    I am in the market again for a new set of wheels and found these couple that I might be interested in and would like to see (if possible) what they look like on my car. Konig Afterburner (Black) Tenzo R Type M Version 1 (Black w/ red lip, all black, black w/ polish) Tenzo R RS-5 (Black w/...
1-20 of 40 Results