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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Like the title sayz, I stay in Chicago, but originally from Jamaica. About 2 go in2 the MARINES. I'm on a couple other forumz as N I just so happened 2 make my way 2 this site, hopefully I can meet a couple new friendz that live close by or wherever.. Anywayz...
  2. Mid West
    Hey guys!! So, I have had my 1988 Accord since February now, and I love it, but it has to go. In it's place, I bought a BRAND NEW, 1992 (haha, rhymage...) Accord wagon in great condition for $1,000 flat. Drives great, needs a tune-up, but that's IT! Except, of course, for the driver side mirror...
  3. Mid West
    I think to make some lives easier, I dedicate a thread every month (like honda-tech) to local sales. This way we can find locals for parts and so forth. If shipping can be arranged, please post in the normal classified ads. For sale: 2004 stock honda honey comb grille - 50 2004 civic ex stock...
  4. General Talk
    I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks from now. I won't be there for long. I'll only be there for 2 days. I've never been to Chicago before. I'll be staying/hanging around downtown Chicago. I was just wondering what is a good Bar/Club to go to?? Thanks. btw, I won't be driving my car...
  5. Mid West
    Sunday April 13, 2008!! 2PM @ Hooters at Schaumburg!!!... Events could lead well into the night if you are of age... I'll be bringing out the dd or possibly something else...just to get together...i havent seen some of you in a while i.e zack/rein/josh... COME ON OUT!! Weather is lookin good...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Greeted with chocolate covered strawberries and some bubbly when we checked into the hotel room Where the magic happened lol View from the room looking down on Michigan Ave Amber (wifey) told me not to touch any of this lol House of Blues. Opening Act Ben-City (they were aight) Then...
  7. Introduce Yourself
    I just bought an 01 ex coupe. I found it in the local classifieds and I got a deal on it. It has 65k miles and I stole it for $2,000. The guy I got it from bought it brand new and then his sons started driving it and they riced it all out so he just wanted to get it out of his driveway. It is...
  8. Members Rides
    [omg! its cold... and she doesnt like it] snapped a few pics after work (a few weeks back) .. look at her.. all alone and cold... cant wait for the warmer months to come
  9. Events
    well we already are planning my 21st along with josh's 21st... but let get something going for the winter... how bout some good ol go kart racing at chicago indoor racing.. these are baller ass races and ill need a head count for a reservation!... btw: theres a bar but sorry no drinking and...
  10. Events
    i'll be leaving after work tomorrow to head up, stay the night, then go to the show on saturday......good place to meet some fellow em's/es's. so who all is coming along?
  11. Members Rides
    Trying to see if anyone is going to HIN Chicago, i'm registered for the show and was going to see who all is going, or if you wanted to meet up.
  12. Mid West
    might be a little early, but since noone could go/went to Nopi detroit i thought about planning for HIN on the 11th. i went last year, it was a good time. show/drifting/cobalt ss challenge last year, not too sure what's this year..... so who's going??
  13. Mid West
    ok, time to start another one of these long ass threads... zack, im going to suja1 thurs/fri to pick up my uego... gmo get your car tuned... john hurry up and get your volks... dont forget Suja1 BBQ July 1st and Club Civic meet July 7th and we still have to hit an autox :)
  14. Mid West
    Chicago/IL Summer meet/BBQ When: Saturday July 7th 2007 Who: Clubcivic memebers and friends. Where: Theodore Woods Forest Preserve half a block east of 67Th & LaGrange Rd. Hodgkins, IL I55 to LaGrange rd, take the North lagrange exit . make a right at 67th. I290 to Mannheine...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Yep, so I just arrived at my hotel here in downtown chicago for HIN. Me & Zack are going but I have to work for most of the show :cry: lol...anyway Ill post pics later tonight if I dont go to the after party
  16. Mid West
    ive been posting on EP Hatch to do a collab meet with them and us, and we'll see what happens... thread for reference : once we pick a place ill post it everywhere..
  17. Mid West
    I am compiling a list of upcoming events that we will be attending...including auto-x events held by cvo and wcmc, road racing at gingerman or the autobahn track and shop bbq/meet & greet/dyno days... i will continue to update this as organizations/forums/shops release schedules for 2007: MWIR...
  18. Mid West
    Top Local Honda Shops: Suja1 Motoring 508 E. Saint Charles Rd. Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 Ph: 630-407-0711 "we've performed various swaps and installations...SR20DET swaps, LS-VTEC turbo builds, K series builds & swaps, B series builds & swaps, complete RHD conversions...
  19. Mid West
    I will most likely be making a shopping trip to Chicago in the near future.. If you're interested in buying my used eibach sportlines or any of Steve's items for sale I can probably bring them to you and avoid shipping!
1-19 of 20 Results