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  1. South
    Yo Houston I'm real happy for you & Imma let you finish, but SA is the best (SA chat) anyone from san antonio come to the taco cabana on bandera and guilbeau im givin everyone that comes in the em2 10% off thier order lol so far 3 em2s have came idk im workin the nite shift and im mad bored
  2. South
    I deleted the 7thgendfw thread because it was started for a meet. Thought I'd put up a new one to just talk about whatever. We can discuss meets, things that happened, spotting other memebers so on and so forth. BTW got 1st again this weekend at autocross in my class. WOOT!!! . My first 1st...
  3. Site News & Feedback
    Hey, I think we should get a private chat like how facebook has it.....i know when i need to ask a member about something, I have to PM them and wait for their answer.....what you guys think?!?!
  4. West
    Northwest 7thgen's where you guys at? Im in iraq right now, but im out of Fort Lewis. Seen couple em2 guys rolling around up there.
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    This is what ur missing out on [tougEMII] 10:19 am: hes not in it [Suzy Q] 10:19 am: whered he go [Suzy Q] 10:19 am: dc'd again?> [Alpha 5] 10:20 am: IDK [Suzy Q] 10:20 am: pwned again [tougEMII] 10:20 am: mom caught him beating the monkey [Alpha 5] 10:20 am...
  6. Site News & Feedback
    what the hell
  7. South
    What's up Tx? This section is usually dead. Thought I'd bring some life into it. What's up? We need to get a meet going sometime in middle-late July. Anyone down?
1-9 of 9 Results