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  1. Suspension
    I want a B pillar bar for my ES1 but i can't find any. My friend said that I should be able to buy a RSK B pillar bar and I should be good. Is this true??
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  3. Photography and Photoshop
    Juz wonderin does any1 know where to get cartoon car pics? not the 1s like in my sig, more like this im lookin for a white em2 civic and a black mitsubishi colt/mirage hatchback.. cant find them anywhere, colours wouldnt matter much tho thanx guys
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    Street racing is wrong of course.... (kind of an old video) but dammit.... why crush these civics :wtc: this is like showing a murder clip of someone to a kid.... lol at least to me... what do you guys think? Crush, a HUGE fine, Jail...
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    Men who drive expensive cars really are more attractive to women, according to a study by university researchers. Well... looks like I'm in the wrong car club... hahah....
  6. General Talk
    I spent a few days (March 13-18) visiting my sister and her family in Dublin, Ireland. I was constantly looking at all the different cars Europeans drive, most of which can't be found in the States. I thought you guys would like to see. Most of the picture were taken with my cellphone, so...
  7. Electrical
    Hey i was wondering if anyone knows how to or if it can even be done to make the key-less entry work while the cars running??
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    Check this shit out.
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    I've always enjoyed driving friends rc cars and lurking the rc forums and i was curious if anyone else is a rc fan. mostly looking for drifting rc car people but all are welcome. im looking to get one soon and could use a few tips. :tup:
  10. Photography and Photoshop
    Just wondering where people got those little pixel versions of there EM2s people put in their sigs. I looked around and couldnt find any
  11. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    i have 15inch steels, will 14 inch rims fit on there? pro's con's of going smaller than stock?
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    my dads looking to buy a sports car must be automatic and be a practical daily driver for a 250 pound man what you got...and it must be a car that I can go to the dealer and say that car in red/white whatever he wants he dont want nothing el cheapo like a stang or camaro
  13. General Talk
    Here are the rules. You get 4 cars under these Categories. Your allowed to post one pic of each to keep from clogging up the thread. 1)Muscle 2)Exotic 3)Tuner 4)Wild card
  14. Drag
    I figured i'd start a thread stating what cars you have beaten at the track, and/or cars you would like to beat/trying. Just list your mods(that make you go faster, or help), and what cars you have beat at the track, and possibly by how much. I'll start off. 2001 Civic LX Mods: - Toyo Proxes...
  15. General Talk
  16. General Talk
    hey, ive done a lot of lurking and notice lots of ep3 and rsx parts fit and even the 99-00 lip on 04-05. but ive never seen a thread that was pretty legit and covered lots of parts so here ya go. so i want to start a list of what parts from other cars work with ours. please be specific on year...
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    I had a 96 Escort (white) [sold] a 2000 Chevy Cavalier Z24 (silver) [totaled] a 96 Ex coupe (black) [traded for the del sol] a 94 Del Sol (black) [traded in on the si] a 00 EM1 (miss dearly) (black) [sold to the people i bought it from] 98 Chevy s10 (copper) [sold to some dude in palatka] 02...
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Hey wassup everyone. First off my name is Nicholas and I drive a 5 speed '03 Civic EX coupe. This is my second car i had a 93 accord before and uhh... lets just say i wasnt the best driver back then. I know a little about cars but I have a lot of room to improve haha. Thats why i came here i...
1-19 of 34 Results