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  1. South
    We're parting out an old civic, 93-95 to help an old lady with money, she got screwed over into buying this car for her grand daughters now ex husband who left it there to sit, he left her oweing 1600 dollars on the car, so we thought we could part it out to help her get some of it paid off. The...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    Hey guys. I never realized there was such a large community for 7th gens out here. I'm glad i came across this. So, hi everyone :D i'll have more pictures up later. this is all i've got in my photobucket.
  3. Introduce Yourself
    just joining this site and would like to say hello. i am from irmo, south carolina but live in jacksonville nc, and im stationed in djibouti africa right now. found this site about a week ago and was pleased with the content. would post some pics but the internet out here moves at the speed of...
  4. South
    How come no one's reppin NC on here? I think we should meet sometime. I live in the Dunn/Erwin area (not far from Fayetteville & Ft. Bragg), but I'm movin to Raleigh/Wake County this summer Anyone into car shows? Me and my boys from will be hittin up a shitload of shows...
  5. Events
    Sept. 22nd at Urban Imports Durham, NC anyone going?
1-5 of 5 Results