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  1. General Talk
    was searching the subaru forums and found this new material that looks and feels like cf. although its fake it looks like the real stuff and a lot better than some of that cheap sticker cf i've seen. AND only 35$!!! i may do this soon :dunno: its suppose to replicate the...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    got story here: [/CENTER]
  3. Interior
    Hey everyone So i was looking at the dash kits and been wanting one for a while but didnt have the money. So i decided to make my own. Things you will need. Philips Screw Driver Flat Head screw driver or trim removal tool. Razor Blade or exacto knife Scissors (optional) dish washing scrubbing...
  4. Members Rides
    Im sure alot of you have seen pics of my car with the really bad faded carbon fiber hood.. Well i decided to get this done with the hood and the trunk.. Im only getting charged 300 bucks which is a good deal.. Its gonna look sick.. Candy Clear Coat.. Thats Not A Part For My Car.. Thats just the...
  5. Members Rides
    We all know that companies like Seibon, VIS, and Carbon creations make good quality CF hoods Does anyone know anyone with an NRG carbon hood? I have a CF shift knob from NRG (picture in my sig) and I love it. Think it would be good?
  6. General Talk
    Anybody got one on a black car?..If so post some pics if you have them.....
  7. General Talk
    I see many people on here with hood pins on their CF hood, is it possible to have it on without the pins? I'm thinking about getting one and I really don't like the look of the pins.
  8. General Talk
    Im going to buy a C/F trunk for my car and i was wondering what you guys think about me putting the factory spoiler on it, Good IDea or no i dont know if ill have problems after i drill it or it wont support the weight or something
  9. Members Rides
    So the stereo shop is now a Gemico Dealer... They thought it would be cool if I did the full Premiom Carbon Fiber kit on the ES2. I did not refuse. So here are the pics. This is real carbon fiber with an automotive clear.
  10. Members Rides
    ok so with some spare carbon fiber fabric and a 2nd dash piece laying around i decided to have fun. this is only the beguinning for what i have planned for this piece but be assured you all will see it shortly. i tried to get shots step by step 1) clean off piece and fill in any defects on the...
  11. General Talk
    Does anybody know were i can buy a cheap carbon fiber hood or front lip for an 01 civic lx
  12. General Talk
    anyone know how to install hood pins on a carbon fiber hood without cracking the cf?
  13. Members Rides
    I'm thinking about buying one but I wanna see how they look on are 01-03 civic before I purchase one, thanks.. Hope this post goes well.
  14. Detailing
    im about to purchase a vis hood for my car and im hearing that it needs to be kept away from extreme weather or else it will fuck up the hood??? how? and how can i prevent it from fading and what cleaning solution can i use to keep it looking fresh?
  15. General Talk
    Recently i was in a small fenderbender with the back of my car. Miscalculated a turn and backed up into my friends jeep. (no damage to hers, i got all the damage). So i stood back one day and took a look at my car and thought "OMG CARBON FIBER WOULD LOOK SICK!!!!" Now where can i get a high...
  16. General Talk
    there was an incident on my way home from school and now i need a new hood. I priced a new one from honda and it'll be about 500 after i paint it. what sites did you get your CF hoods from i need one soon and as cheap as possible as it is coming out of my pocket My digital camera is on the...
  17. General Talk
    Post up CF shiznit for the civic! Peep this steering wheel i just came across: Exclusive to CNG from ATTACK RACING: LIMITED QUANITIES AVAILABLE 330mm Steering wheel Universal 8 hole hub mount NOT CARBON LOOK, TRUE CARBON Made from TRUE CARBON...
  18. General Talk
    yeah i know theres already a thread lol but here i go is it safe for carbon fiber to get snowed on and be out in below freezing temps? reason is i just put mine back on the other day and now i found out its supposed to get cold as hell and snow alot this weekend. so im jsut curious casue i dont...
  19. General Talk
    Does anyone know where to find a carbon fiber fuel door(gas cover)? I found a whole bunch of them for EVO's but I cant find one for a civic. Thanks
  20. General Talk
    I got a good price on a CF hood from Invidia, anyone here got any experience with their CF products?
1-20 of 29 Results