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  1. My 2005 Honda Civic Coupe

    "I close my eyes to SEE" o_O
  2. West
    Hey guys I'm going to be arriving in Vegas tomorrow night, and thought it might be worthwhile for me to pick up some parts while I'm there. Any suggestions on shops I can check out in the surrounding area? I don't mind having to rent a car to get to places if I need to.
  3. Canada
    Four of our troops died yesterday from car bombs in Afganie. :tdn: not good One of them i went to high school with. actually had a lot of classes with him R.I.P. this is a terrible thing
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    i love these. :D 1. You have the tendancy to say "eh" after every sentance. 2.You Know the Difference of " Colour + Color " Or " Favourite + Favorite " or " Centre + Center" 3. You can sing "O' Canada" in French and actually know what the words mean! 4. Some American has asked you, “Do you...
  5. Canada
    Hey guys here i go again: So as u can see from my name i work for autotrader and this year the autoshow is sponsored by us...So im trying to get a shit load of tickets for us BUT not to promising due to the RECESSION they think we should pay this year to help the "ECONOMY".. But no biggie its...
  6. Canada
    Here are the most updated names by far...and as mentioned copy and paste your name at the bottom if you wanna participate...thanks 1. rjngo - RJ 2. autotrader05si - Geoff 3. Needlestick - Marc 4. phuviano - Phu 5. taylorsherk- Taylor 6. vikas2k - Vik 7. rdangels - Richard 8. BIGE19 - Eric 9...
  7. Canada
    Hey i live in newfoundland where we only have 1 body shop that brings in in very few aftermarket parts for my civic and of course these guys wants insane prices for anything. I ordered a few things up from the states but by the time they showed up at my door it cost more for shipping then what I...
  8. Introduce Yourself
    Hey Hey Hey everybody... just introducing myself, I am from Toronto, Ontario, yes another Canadian EH none the less just introducin myself... joined the site to learn or diagnose any problems which I may encounter w/ my s/o dd, in which I helped minorly build... only pic I have for now...
  9. General Talk
    I discovered the other day that my LX is from canada and for some reason the canadian LX has VTEC and ABS brakes
  10. Introduce Yourself
    am i the only canadian in this forum so far?? pretty cold and lonely place i have to say. jk this site looks like its going to be very good. cant wait till more people hear about and the info gets flowing. i love learning new things and getting new ideas for my em2. thats my $.02 :roll:
1-10 of 10 Results