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  1. Introduce Yourself
    New here. Godspeed camber kit? Good or bad idea?
  2. Suspension
    Alright, So heres what i have planned, i am going to get a 1.9" drop with some springs that i've purchased, however before i throw them in, I'd like to know whether or not I'll need camber correction with this drop? I know on my old car when i did a 60/40 Cupkit, i ate tires for breakfast...
  3. Suspension
    the last time i went in for alignment with the RSDs, the place where you adjust the camber plate under the hood on the driver side gave me some problems. the hole wasn't wide enough for them to really push the settings to get a -1 or 0 camber. so im riding on -1.7 camber without any weight in...
  4. Suspension
    ive seen the kits for sale on ebay are they any good?
  5. Canada
    SPC REAR (RUBBER)ADJUSTABLE CAMBER KITs FOR 7THGEN CIVIC.FRONT IS Eibach 14 mm..$150 for the set. RSX FITMENT ALSO. 2.OEM HONDA CD PLAYER and CD POCKET COMES W/ ANTI Theft code card. $120[/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] 2.CD PLAYER [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] price is negotiable.. 647) 999 9697 or...
  6. Suspension
    This is the Link that i pretty much followed and read over: It's pretty much common sense, there's not too much to this DIY but i'm sure it could be useful to some. DIY Rear Camber Kit Install Difficulty: 1...
  7. General Talk
    So I ordered my Rear Upper Camber arm from Password JDM and I Just got it last week. Wow did Password JDM ever hook me up proper! Free of charge they sent me -Password:JDM Lanyard -Password:JDM Shop Flag (Japan Domestic Market) -Password:JDM Mouse Pad -Password:JDM Bumper Stickers Now...
  8. Suspension
    what kind of camber kit do you guys recommend? there are a lot of brands but i dont know which one to get. (dont wanna go for ebay)
  9. Suspension
    would going from -2.0 in the rear to -.8 make a big difference in handling or tire wear?
  10. Suspension
    Are camber bolts the only option for front camber adjustment? I've heard they can run out if you run the car hard so you need to get alignments often.
  11. Suspension
    Hey all, Quick Question. If your drop is under 1.5, do you need a camber kit? The eibach 1.4 drop to be exact. Thank you
  12. Suspension
    hey guys, it looks that those allan screws on top of the pillowmount. does that mean that i dont need the front camber kit?
  13. Suspension
    will those work on any coilovers or just Ksport?
  14. Suspension
    is this worth it? good buy? genuine?
  15. Suspension
    Need a front a rear camber kit. I have researched past threads, and have been looking at various sites on my options, but i want some opinions! My understanding is...SPC and Ingalls are the favorite camber kits for our cars. I saw that there is a Progress camber kit now, does anyone know...
  16. Suspension
    need so help everyone i am going to change out my megan coilovers to a new setup and i have one problem i am going with the koni yellows with the ground control sleeves which well be a hell of better setup for my civic when it comes down to auto-x. the help that i need is the fact that GC does...
  17. General Talk
    will an adjustable camber kit for an 01 coupe fit and work for an 05 coupe ?
  18. Suspension
    I've been driving with an SPC rear camber kit for 2-3 years. It wasn't until recently when I started hearing knocking noises coming from the rear when i'm entering/exiting a steep driveway or turn. At first I though it was the bushings on my sway bar not being greased until I took off my rear...
1-20 of 45 Results