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  1. Mechanical Problems
    I broke one of the bolts that hold the rocker arms down, can I reuse the others or should I get all new ones while I am at it? Also, does anyone have the torque ratings for those? Hayes said 136 but one snapped when I had it set at 110.
  2. General Talk
    will a B series cam seal fit my D17??
  3. Swap and Forced Induction
    Does a D16 non-Vtec cam work with the D17A1 head? There are some aftermarkets for older d16's...
  4. General Talk
    Ok as some of you know the stock cam gear has no mark for TDC, so i was wanting to see if any of you knew how i can find out which tooth it is? Any info will help
  5. Basic Performance
    i'm looking to do some further n/a works, has anyone tried the n/a crower cam's stage1 or 2? experiences? results? (will do kpro soon) (ps: tried search, did not find something directly) thx
  6. Basic Performance
    ok so my cam should be coming in anytime now. me and my dad are unsure as to intall this. ive never put one in and he has never put one in a honda. can someone point me to a diy or something?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    could the cam sensor be the cause of the vtec and boggin of my car i have oil and the cel is telling me it fuel system
  8. General Talk
    Okay I have a stage 1 cam in my car right now which i installed after I did my headswap. I looked in my garage and compared the LX cam and the EX cam and I was wondering why the LX cam has 4 lobes but the EX cam only has 3 lobes ? I thought it'd be the other way around but I guess not.
  9. Basic Performance
    any and all advice would help. i want something worth the money, but not too pricey. links will help out a lot. thanks everyone.
  10. Basic Performance
    Ok I want to know what you have to do to change out the valves (the process) and the cam.
  11. General Talk
    i finished my stage 1 cam, thing is I used a click torque wrench and i think it was broken or something because it didnt click causing me to strip two rocker arm bolts. it was bolt 1 and 7 I think so yeah.. I used the stock ones, any ideas? The cars fine but its kind of scary knowing that 2 are...
  12. General Talk
    okay so I put in my aftermarket stage 1 cam after my head swap but it didin't work. The car would crank but not start so after I put on my stock EX cam it worked fine. The timing was still the same and everything, does anyone know what it could be? Do i have to adjust the valve lash?
  13. Basic Performance
    getting my stage 1 cam this friday from a buddy for 250, i would get stage 2 but that would mean new valve train, anyone know what stage 1 puts to the wheels ?
  14. General Talk
    Does anybody have any of the dezod cams for the d17 in there car. I wanna know if it makes a real big difference
  15. Basic Performance
    im debating on getting some aem pullies and cam gears i want to know if there is any downfall or problems that come with these parts and if they are a good buy. i alreay have a full exhaust and intake and just ordered a header yesterday, with these mods would pullies and cam gears be a good idea?
1-15 of 16 Results