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  1. West
    anyone here from mid or so cal, i live in socal, apple valley of the 15 what about you guys??
  2. Events
    We "hella" needed a Nor Cal events post so I thought I'd get one started. Here's a few random ones I know of: May 30-31 Goodguys Summer Get-Together Pleasanton, CA July 9-12 Hot San Jose Nights San Jose, CA July 18 Hot Import...
  3. West damn! someone k swap naow!!!!!! does anyone know this guy?
  4. General Talk
    Well the day finally came,I got pulled over and I got a ticket to go to the referee. Now I don't anybody that has gone through this..If anybody on here has gone through this can you give me a heads up on what I need to do...Thanx. BTW I tried the search and I got nothing. The mod's are...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    What up err body.,.,. i'm sandra and my b/f made me join... weLL i kinda wantted to n e wayz, weLL... sry intro so short... <3 Sand! oh yeah and i guess this is both our account so... aightyz, hit us up peepz cause we stiLL tryna figure this shit out! peace!
  6. West
    okay here is the poll. do we want it to say nor cal 7th gen crew, or whatever, we can discuss that in here on the front or the back? i think it would look best on front, so that way people can rear it easier, so that gets my vote. Discuss all other options here!!
  7. West
    I had surgery yesterday for a dislocated pinky. Might not be able to drive for a while so if i am absent from the meet this weekend this is why i hope i can drive though
  8. West
    It is snowing all over the place Its so bad CHP cant keep up with it they dont have enogh blow trucks to do it all in the cajon pass there over 50 cars and semi stuck in the snow and its storming down where im at its 39 degree where i am if it hits 35 and below im going to start seeing snow at...
  9. West
    Okay ladies and gentlemen, I would love to schedule a meet for the OrangeCounty,LosAngeles,Sanbernardino,Riverside,Inland empire etc...areas.. What i would like to do is plan a place probly half way for all of us a DATE and TIME....... LETS DO THIS!!!!! im in highland san bernardino not far...
  10. Members Rides
    This is all a preview...if you'd like to see all 162 photos please go to the album!
  11. Introduce Yourself
    Whats up everybody, took me a while to convert to any other forums besides Honda-tech, but with some thanks to WICKEDBAUTISTA converting me over im here. Well at least im pretty sure im in the right place.
  12. Photography and Photoshop
    I made a new norcal 7th gen sig :) hope you guys will like it :P
  13. Introduce Yourself
    hi! i'm a new member of 7thgen and also a member of Honda Girls. i'm excited to learn more about this site! if there is anyone from the bay area & would like to meet, pls. don't hesitate to PM me! :domo:
  14. Events
    hey yo guys.. just wanting to know, who want's to do a photoshoot? i've been wanting to do one for quite sometime now and yeah.. i say we plan a day when we all get together and just chill and take pics. perfect place to meet up is in DIAMOND PLAZA, right off Fulleton Dr, in Rowland Heights...
  15. West
    Hey guys well im moving down to san diego in 2 weeks. We should def arrainge a meet where we can eat, hang out, cruize etc. im gonna def be down and avail. Im driving my civic all the way from washington state to san diego in about 2 weeks. or sooner!. THe drives gonna be brutal on civ but she...
1-16 of 16 Results