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  1. Electrical
    I bought the oem fog light kit for my car, 02 civic ex sedan, and the button for the fog lights is to big for the hole next to the cig lighter? any suggestions or help to make it fit??
  2. General Talk
    its located under the coin / cruise control / foglight switch close to the driver side door. thanks
  3. Electrical
    I notice that jamesandrew58 has an s2K push start button put in place where his sig lighter is. Im wanting to do and engine start button install on my car pretty soon and am wanting to know if anybody has any tips or know-how to install it including parts and costs. I dont mind having to put the...
  4. Other
    Adding more to this: Fist watch this video: Step 1: Log on to your favorite Forum: Step 2: Locate the search button: (ours is located in the main Menu bar over to the right) Step 3: Dictate what topic you...
  5. Electrical
    hey is it true that the 04/05 fog light switch's button is always lit even when the car is off? would that drain the battery? no?
  6. Electrical
    I was looking the and they have a DIY there that says how to install the S2000 start button i just wanted to know if that is possible with our cars?? that will be nice!!..any tutorial will be useful...thanks. Here's the link
  7. News and Announcements
    Just incase you guys didn't know there is an edit button, there's no need to make a post after your previous one to fix the mistake. Thanks -Zack
1-7 of 8 Results