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  1. Suspension
    Hi all, I just purchased my first civic with 122k miles. It however needs some work. The previous owner put a bad spring kit on it without camber adjustments and due to my location I need my car back up at stock height. The roads are terrible here. These are my priorities: Stock height, please...
  2. Introduce Yourself
    As you might assume, I love this car! It has 86K miles and some needed repairs: -sway bar links & bushings replacement(front) -major oil leak needs diagnosis -right front cv joint boot ripped I want to get this car fully fixed so I can begin to pursue the fun of modding! I'll be looking for...
  3. Introduce Yourself
    hey guys, was wondering how to remove our rear bushings if their stuck, i have all except the lower shock mounts removed and two driver side brake hub bolts (the ones that hold the spindle and brake assembly onto the control arm i say this cause i don't know the proper terminology for the...
  4. Suspension
    So my front control arm bushings are cracked and being to tear. I feel at this point with a set of eibach pro kit springs and 205/50/10 hankook radial tires that to rid my car of understeer that going with stiffer control arm bushings. Question is, how harsh are they, this will be done to my dd(...
  5. Suspension
    I looked the other day and noticed the stock bushings are torn and ripped. I have two new sets so I figure I might as well replace them. I'm going to back up the rear to do it, will I have any problem taking the brackets on and off? It should be easy since the whole rear will be jacked up right...
  6. Suspension
    Is there any differance? I mean I could understand if you bought just a bar and needed new ones, but progress supplies the hardware.. is it worth it to buy new energy suspension ones?
  7. Suspension
    here it is, its cold as fuck, literally, cold as fuck... and my fucking polyurethane lca bushings are starting to squeak, does anyone have any recommendations for what lube to use to lower the squeaking. please keep bullshit comments to a minimum
  8. Mechanical Problems
    Anyone know how to fit the new bushings in without the use of a press? I've been trying everything, from trying to hammer it in to using a vice to hmm... using 2 vices lol! This is what happened... LOL!! Broke on me, and still left the damn bushing out by like 5cm!! AHHHH!!!! I still...
  9. Suspension
    I am looking for polyurethane compliance bushings, it seems its a normal problem with our cars after x amount of years and miles.
  10. General Talk
    Has anyone done their shifter bushings and cable bushings and really felt the difference? Lets here what you think, is it worth it?
  11. General Talk
    i just installed bushings for my shifter that go under my hood......anyways the first two gears are really tight.. 3rd 4rd 5rd are normal...theres no grinding or no noises theres just tight! is that normal thanks guys
  12. General Talk
    how many bushings do i need? i just got these two in the mail today, do i need 4 or just two ????? the shifter is a revo ss
  13. Suspension
    I want to get my suspension powdercoated but I want to make sure I can get complete bushing to insert where my old ones are. So my question is for the guys that have done it are the bushing for the front control arms a complete replacement or an insert? If there not a complete bushing does...
  14. Suspension
    i'm lowered on stock shocks and recently i'm getting this noise over small bumpes, kind of a dribbling ball sound like digity, digity digity. Is that my fronts stuts going out or play from worn front compliance bushings?
  15. Suspension
    well, here is the deal.... i bought some, and installed them, and they are a fantastic mod, but here is the kicker... i was going to do a DIY for this, but in my opinion, it simply is not possible to do at home.... here is a small list of tools needed to do this: 1 decent Impact wrench 1 air...
  16. Engine & Transmission
    DIY StrutKing MT Shifter Cable Bushings Install Difficulty: 2 out of 10 Time required: About 20 minutes Hardware Required: Two cotter pins or some lock wire Tools Required: 1 - Needle Nose Pliers 1 - Light Source 1 - Whatever is required to remove your CAI or stock intake box 8 - fingers 2...
  17. Basic Performance
    founds these shifter bushings . i've heard good things about the base shifter bushing, but never seen these bronzoil shifter cable bushing. does anyone have any experience with these? worth the money or no. thanks
1-17 of 19 Results