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  1. Suspension
    ok.. im clueless, so take it easy on me. i got in my car yesterday and havent noticed anything different than any other time. car is completely stock. if i am driving and turn the wheel 1/2 to the the left, my car makes a normal turn.. where if i turn the wheel to the right i feel a floating...
  2. Suspension
    For those of you who followed my last thread will know that i had my front control arms dropped off at a machine shop to have bushings pressed in. Well, i got the arms back in today and to say the least have been very satisfied with the result of the labor put forth. Overall the feel of the...
  3. Suspension
    anyone have any recommendations i have the progress 22mm? Thanks
  4. General Talk
    does any one know if that seat bushing tsb covers 05 coupes also?and will honda do it for free?
  5. Suspension
    This mod is not for the weak. It took us two days to do it. Plus we were installing my suspension. Common snags were 1) bolts that were too tight, 2) stubborn bushings, 3) not having access to a vice, and 4) mistakes. I suggest dropping both control arms first then start in on the bushings...
  6. Suspension
    I have searched over and over but not found a company that makes replacement bushings for our civics or an EP3 or RSX BESIDES Energy Suspension! I dont want ES... I want Hard rubber bushings. anyone know of anywhere?
  7. Suspension
    just wondering what does it take to install poly bushings in a D17? im going to install the front and rear bushings. thx
  8. Suspension
    I've been driving with an SPC rear camber kit for 2-3 years. It wasn't until recently when I started hearing knocking noises coming from the rear when i'm entering/exiting a steep driveway or turn. At first I though it was the bushings on my sway bar not being greased until I took off my rear...
  9. Suspension
    Will the bushings from an EP3 match close enough to the EM2 so that the majority of THIS kit can be utilized? More importantly are EP3 Springs Identical to the ones utilized on the EM2?:D
  10. Mechanical Problems
    ok, so i was on the shitter reading a magazine at work today, and found this article, its all about the common problem with 01-05 civics and how the motor mounts tend to go bad frequently, as well as the front lower control arm compliance bushings!!! its a publication for technicians in the...
  11. Suspension
    Does anyone know if there are aluminum bushing that are for are car for the suspension? I plan on redoing all my suspension and i wanted to use aluminum bushing. I can make them but I wanted to know what everyone thinks of this idea or if a company already makes them. ANy help would be appericated
  12. Engine & Transmission
    I received my aluminum shifter bushings tonight and figured I would write-up a DIY on how to install them and a Revo Technica Short Shifter on my 2003 EM2. I installed the shifter 6 months ago, but since I had to remove it to replace the bushings, this DIY will work for both. So here we go. You...
  13. Basic Performance
    Today I upgraded my (manual) transmission cable bushings, and decided to write a DIY about it (wow was I bored or what?)! It is similar on EP3, RSX, EM2 and ES1, so you may find other DIY on others forums. BTW, this is a translated version from my orginal french one posted on a local forum...
1-13 of 14 Results