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  1. Photography and Photoshop
    hey guys I am thinking about getting some buddy club p1 Racing SF Challenge Wheels. I either want to get the black with the red ring or the white with the red ring. Thanks for the help guys. and also in 16s
  2. Basic Performance
    Hey guys, I made a sound video for the Buddy Club Pro Spec exhaust system. I have many different point of views in the video: right behind the car, in car, and drive by's. I hope this video is helpful for everyone, and especially for the people who are interested in buying this great exhaust...
  3. Basic Performance
    Sorry my girls dog got in the way. Install time: 10-15mins Install: Install is very easy to do. remove both shifter lines from stock assembly, uncrew the 4 12mm bolts that hold the stock assembly down. Then you do this in reverse order with the new assembly. I tried something. I went...
  4. Basic Performance
    Does anyone know if the Buddy Club short shifter is close to stock height, or is it a stubby shifter like the Revo SS? Also, since the unit used for our EM2/ES1 is originally to a base RSX, does anyone know if it is a direct fit, or is any modification necessary? Thanks in advance. :grin:
1-4 of 7 Results