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  1. General Talk
    Has anyone got or seen a write up on how to retrofit a type r boot into the oem housing? I got one for christmas and its not the same shape as the stock one
  2. General Talk
    I was thinking bout swapping out my ebrake handle and the plastic piece with the momo handle and the leather boot. Has anyone done this and have some pics of it and or a DIY for it. Thanks guys.
  3. Members Rides
    Alright... I want a new shift boot, i kind of want a color stitching but don't know what. I plan on getting either an EP3 Steering wheel (Red H) or an RSX Wheel (I can put an H Sticker over the A) It will most likely be the RSX Wheel. Pics of my knobby:
  4. General Talk
    I like the way the Type R shift boot looks, but I'm going with a black/silver theme, so I'd like to find a shift boot that's black with silver stitching...anyone know where I may find one? I've been Googling and eBaying for a half hour and am coming up short, lol. Thanks
  5. Interior
    I happened across this gem, since Honda no longer makes the adapter from what I remember someone saying. I know this insant a DIY, this is the only INTERIORS forum to post in. These people sell it for $16.00 pix i found of it...
  6. General Talk
    Hey, I'm looking for a shift boot to go with my new skunk2 shift knob and can't find anything that isn't retarded looking. Can anyone point me in the direction of a site that would have a decent black shift boot for my em2? Thanks..
1-6 of 7 Results