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  1. Member Builds
    Hey everyone. :wave: I just started piecing parts together for my boosted d17 build. This is my side project while going to college so its going to take a while and im hoping to be done in the 5 years that ill be at school. Before anyone says this is a waste of money blah blah blah - I don't...
  2. Members Rides
    yo guys, i dont think ive posted pics of my civic since this sight was started the og's might, big maybe on that one, remember my ride. its boosted, lots of mods, still working on de-ricing it(when i first got this car i wasted alot of money on stupid shit, slowly but surely its looking as...
  3. Member Builds
    Well, I had many plans, still do. The car is a 1993 Accord LX Sedan. The plan now as it has changed multiple times, is to rebuild the F20A with F22 pistons. This will lower compression from 9.5:1 to roughly 8.3:1. With this I will run 1 bar on water/alch mix and shooting for 325whp+. this is...
  4. Swap and Forced Induction
    DISCLAIMER: This thread is not to be used as a pissing contest over which major brand of clutch is better than another major brand. It will be used as a discussion about the different disc compositions, pressure plates and flywheel weights. If you want to piss about whether Exedy is better than...
  5. General Talk
    Hey lets see what members here are boosted. If so, what psi you pushin at? basically, what have you done to your car? haha
  6. Swap and Forced Induction
    i have only posted a couple of times on this site and havent posted anything in a long time so i thought that i would let yall see the things that i have been up to with my car latley. the car with my girls rims on it (dont worry we didnt trade she had a flat and took my wheels cuz my car dont...
  7. Swap and Forced Induction
    i searched this a cant find what i want. im want to boost my em2 with a kit that would equal the same as a car that had a stock turbo. so im planning on leaving the engine stock other than a turbo kit. just a blot up on and drive no headaches or any thing can anyone point me the right...
  8. Videos & Other Media
    found this randomly on streetfire
  9. Swap and Forced Induction
    lets see some boosted engine bays!
  10. Swap and Forced Induction
    Hey guys Daniel Here. Anyways I wanted to make an update about the turbo kit I have. I moved out to a new house and no internet. (Im at work now). Anyways as many of you know I have a turbo kit for my 04 civic ex. The parts are really wonderful. All I need to do now is get 600 dollars for the...
  11. Swap and Forced Induction
    I just wanted to let some of you who are boosted and plan to run higher PSI down the road that the SRT-4 injectors fit perfect in our fuel rail and our mani. Mine are 577cc and they fit perfect all i had 2 use was chris's stud extenders that I bought with my dezod v3 kit. Mine came with the...
1-11 of 11 Results