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  1. Dont know where to post?
    Ok so one of my valve cover bolts broke off in to my head and now I need to re tap the hole or put in a helier coil but I can't find the thread pitch for these bolts any were pleas help I need to fix this ASAP I have school in like 4 days
  2. Mechanical Problems
    I broke one of the bolts that hold the rocker arms down, can I reuse the others or should I get all new ones while I am at it? Also, does anyone have the torque ratings for those? Hayes said 136 but one snapped when I had it set at 110.
  3. General Talk
    Hey guys, I got my rear bumper spacers in today and i got 3 of the 4 on but the one that wraps around to the rear on the passanger side the 2 bolts that hold it are badly rusted and won't come off. I got one of em half way off and now it won't come the rest of the way. You'll have any ideas on...
  4. Suspension
    Are camber bolts the only option for front camber adjustment? I've heard they can run out if you run the car hard so you need to get alignments often.
  5. Basic Performance
    I am about to install a DC header so I began reading the Haynes repair manual and it said that you should replace the current nuts and bolts with new ones. Is this really necessary or can I use the old ones? thanks. UPDATE!!!!!!! I have a new question: I am in the process of installing the...
  6. Basic Performance
    What fits our motor, I already have the headstuds, im looking at the dseries (1.5/1.6) flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts, I'm assuming they will fit, but do we have anything available for main studs? The question is has anyone used any arp stuff other than the headstuds?
  7. Mechanical Problems
    yo im tRying tO puT my upper struT bar on but my freakin bolts holding shocks in are not budging i sprayed wd40 and now my bolts are almost bald anyone have any ideas how to loosen up TighT bolts
  8. Mechanical Problems
    hi i have a question i recently bought a sturup racing header for cheep until i get my turbo put together and i cant seem to get my header bolts off of my down pipe i have recruted some help and my freind broke an extension trying to break the bolts i think im going to have to cut the header any...
  9. Mechanical Problems
    OMG so ive been driving around noticing a clicking sound when i turn. So i went under my car yesterday to inspect it and make sure it wasn't my half shaft going out. *since it is a Lvl 2 half shaft* So this is what i find: \ Now if you cant tell thats actually the bolt that holds my lower...
1-9 of 9 Results