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  1. Mechanical Problems
    changing out my stock shifter for a revo ss. pretty much got everything off so i can remove the stock one. except 1 of the 4 bolts that hold the assembly onto the car i think i stripped it. the bolt spins, just keeps spining but never comes off. im able to pull the bolt up a little bit, but...
  2. Mechanical Problems
    Helppp, i'm doing a auto to manual swap at the moment and some bolts off the auto i cant use on the manual such as some flange bolts,engine mount bolts etc. Can anyone help find the thread pitches for the bolts? i have the the rest of the info just no thread pitch. MT Clutch Case -Flange...
  3. General Talk
    Hey everyone, Im trying to figure out what size bolt and thread pitch that will fit in the following holes circled in green. I tried M8X1.25, but it seems to stop after threading it in a bit. Pic was taken from civicforums.
  4. Suspension
    Ok guys...So i got my front springs installed and was working on the back. But I was unable to get the 17mm bolt off the bottom of the I took it to a shop to have them do it, and they said they got the bolt to come loose. but than it was just turning with the bushing. They told me they...
  5. Basic Performance
    K i have all my stuff for full exhaust except even new bolts but i cant seem to find the Nuts that attach from top to hold header to downpipe there not listed on majestic honda, dealership wants me to bring car in they dont understand what part im asking for(they are a bunch of retards)if...
  6. Suspension
    I was getting ready to buy some LCA's. I talked to a friend and he said you needed a special tool to remove the bolts. Can anyone tell me what this tool is called and where i can get one?
  7. Other
    ok, i figured at some point someone could use this. i recently had a bolt get sheared off inside my bellhousing due to a broken slave cylinder. so here goes things needed: 1 drill, can be electric, cordless or air powered 1 easy out set - preferably cobalt 1 adjustable wrench 1 can of...
  8. Suspension
    has anyone's tie rod bolt ever fallen off? i think my passenger tie rod is a little loose but i recently just gotten an alignment and dont have money to pay for another one. I only sorta hear noise when i have a passenger (which is very rare). any negative long term affect to this?
  9. Mechanical Problems
    Eveytime i use tools I strip something and make it difficult. I was trying to install my ep3 wheel on my lunch break and the t25 bit stripped the head. Now what do i do?? Im soooooo mad. torx FTL!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  10. Wheels/Tires/Brakes
    Alright, well i just bought new pads and rotors. i got the driver front wheel off and now trying to get the caliper bolts off, well both caliper bolts are siezed and rounded off. does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these caliper bolts out? thanks in advance for all help
  11. Mechanical Problems
    Im installing a new header..and the middle bolt of the header wont budge what soo ever and is semi-stripped....all the other ones were fine anyway i can losen or get it off some how guys? thanks
  12. Suspension
    How did you all get the bolt off on the drivers rear lower strut? Ive used man power, impact wrench, and rubber mallett. Its making popping noises and I NEED to fix this
  13. General Talk
    i finished my stage 1 cam, thing is I used a click torque wrench and i think it was broken or something because it didnt click causing me to strip two rocker arm bolts. it was bolt 1 and 7 I think so yeah.. I used the stock ones, any ideas? The cars fine but its kind of scary knowing that 2 are...
  14. Suspension
    OK I tried to replace my shocks and springs this weekend, got the front done fine (Mad Props to my buddy Geo). But come time to do the rear's I could not get the 17 mm bottom bolt off for the life of me. I couldn't even get tha bish to turn its so seized.:eusa_boohoo: (I think this is the...
  15. Suspension
    Does anyone here have these Struts/Shocks installed on their vehicle? I have a 2002 Civic that have 14mm Crash Bolt Holes. After calling Bilstein, they confirmed that the Struts they produce for our cars are 16mm holes, intended for a 2003-2005 Civic's. Is there a way around this small issue...
  16. General Talk
    Someone post it on the other forum with -Ingen CAI -Viberent headers 4-2-1 with HFC -EVO2 Catback Dyno 201whp.....I wish the D17 responds to bolt on like the Ks
  17. Basic Performance
    I was trying to install my meagen headers and downpipe tonight. Anyways on the heat shield I stripped one of the bolts. It was beeing very stubborn and I now cant get it out. What do I do?
  18. Swap and Forced Induction
    Yup the part finally came in: from the look of things it looks like it would just bolt up.., but you would be ever so wrong. Nice little lip huh? 67mm huh? nother shot. So i made me a templet: I knwo its not a perfect circle but it gets the job done for the most part. So i need to...
1-18 of 18 Results